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How do you replace a speed motor on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?


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2015-07-15 21:23:09
2015-07-15 21:23:09

Correction; that should read "Idle speed motor"

I thought this translated to an important question I didn't see here: "How do you replace a speedometer on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?" Mine, in my 1993 Grand Cherokee, has not worked properly for two years and a speedometer shop tried but couldn't fix it. I've been using my Tachometer to estimate MPH.

Apologies to the original poster if the correction is yours. And sorry to everyone else since neither of these are answers.


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It is not adjustable. The idle speed is computer controlled with a AIS stepper motor.

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Idle speed is not adjustable. The computer controls the speed with the idle air control motor on the back of the throttle body.

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On the Throttle Body facing towards the firewall on the 5.2 engine

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The manual trans would be the AX5 5 speed fully synchronized.

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The 2001 Jeep Grand-Cherokee has a 4-speed automatic.

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