How do you replace a speedometer cable on a 1989 Mazda 626?

The 1989 to 1991 Mazda 626 models, have a similar speedo cable setup. There are 2 kinds of cable. The first is a one-piece cable that runs from the transmission to the back of the speedo as one continuous length The second is a two-piece cable that has a 6 inch section from the transmission, connected to a 40 inch piece which goes to the dash. The care easily discernable because the two piece one has a large coupling on it, six inches from the transmission. To replace, simply slacken the nut on the cable from the transmission side first, using a 17mm open-ended spanner. Once off, pull the cable out of the tranny by leaning over it and gently punning it straight up. Then, remove the dash console by uncrewing all the screws. There are 4 to 5 screws, found on the underside of the dash, in front of the gauge cluster. Once off gently pull the finiher off exposing the gauge pod. It's an all in once pod of the gauges with a clear plexiglas cover. (Take care not to scratch it while handling it) The cluster itself is held to the dash by four screws. These are clearly visible in the four corners of the gauge pod. Once removed, pull the pod to you (sitting in the drivers seat) slowly. It is still connected via electrical connections. These must be unpluged so you have to reach behind the gauge pod using as little space as possible. Once unplugged, the final attachment is the speedo cable itself. It's connector is round and thick and either yellow or white plastic. There's a tab to one side that must be pressed to release it. Press the tab and pull the cable away from the gauges. ( Away from you/ towards the windsheild. ) Once it's out you can freely slacken any cable clips holding the speedo cable unser the hood and along the firewall. Pull the now free cable back through the firewall towards the engine. Handle the cable clips carefullyt and re-use them as they arent sold with the cable and are hard to source. Just repeat the process in the reverse for installation.