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How do you replace a starter on a 1990 Pontiac Sunbird Le?

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2011-09-12 20:46:58
2011-09-12 20:46:58

I just did this and you may seriously want to invest in paying to have it replaced.

First the top bolt has to be accessed from the top drivers side , but i had to remove

the breather and the accelerator , and i used a very long extension rachet.

I also used a friends repair shop who has a lift so if you don't have a lift i don't you're in for more grief than you think.

raised the car ,had to undo the sway bar, then take off the passenger front tire and axle.then go back under the car right above the transmission pan you'll find the starter. 5 or so hours of working from under neath and then from the side with air tools.

and sockets on long extensions and alot of cussing i got the starter out.

Seriously, think this through before you do it the starter is buried in the car

and you basically have to tear it apart and it was near impossible to reach the bolts . You could drop the transmission out and I'm sure it would be a heck of a lot easier to do but chose not to.


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Did they replace the MAP sensor? If not, good chance there's your problem.

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I have a 1992 Pontiac Sunbird with 2.0 four cylinder in it, just found the crank sensor on it, to replace it. It is located on the FRONT side of the engine, below exhaust manifold and just above the A/C compressor. HOPE THIS HELPS SOMEONE ELSE!

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The voltage regulator is inside the alternator.

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