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There are 2 15mm bolts that hold the starter in, one you access in front of the frame rail, the other from behind the frame rail. BUT, before you remove the starter itself, there are a few steps to take first! Disconnect the battery first. there will be a black plastic shield that you will need to remove, there are 3 or 4 10mm bolts holding that on. then you will need to disconnect the wires going to the top of the starter, that part is known as the solenoid. There will be about 3 sets of wires going to the larger terminal, which will require either a 15mm, 17mm, or 5/8's, or 9/16's deepwell socket to remove. (there were many different size nuts used on them, just giving you the most common sizes used).

There will also be a smaller wire bolted on, that one is USUALLY a 5/16's socket or wrench, but yours may be a different size.

depending on what engine you have, the 2.5 4-cylinder will also have a rear mounting bracket that will have to be removed, it takes 2 15mm bolts to remove that from the engine, just pull that bracket down with the starter. but more common, the 3300 V6 engine doesn't have that, so just go ahead and pull out the bolts holding the starter to the engine. These bolts are usually VERY tight, so be prepared!!

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Q: How do you replace a starter on a 1992 Buick Century?
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