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How do you replace a starter on a 96 Nissan Sentra?

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December 08, 2007 1:29AM

I am just a college girl and I figured out how to change my starter. I won't be using technical language.

Needed materials: socket set in metric (8mm to 16mm), jack, jack stands, a new starter

1) Place the car on jack stands. I only used 2 jack stands for my front, but always check your manual for the standard safety procedure.

2) ALWAYS disconnect the negative terminal from the battery before doing any engine work!

3) The starter is located on the driver side. Facing the engine from the front of the car it is to the left and down of the battery.

4) After the battery is disconnected, the lead terminals on the starter need to be disconnected. The back of the starter has a wire that plugs into the another wire that leads to the engine. Just pry this apart with a flat head screw driver. This should be easy to do.

5) Disconnect the lead that connects to the battery. This is a thick wire that is most likely covered with a rubber boot and it is attached by a nut.

6) Two bolts attach the actual starter to the engine. Take out the bolt on the bottom first! It is a little hard to get to. The top bolt has another wire around it that will come off when the bolt does.

7) Take the starter out.

8) Now you're ready to put the new starter in. Just do everything in the opposite!

If the car doesn't start, then you probably have something more wrong than the starter.