How do you replace a steering wheel with an airbag on a 2003 Dodge Neon?

disconnect battery and wait at least 15 minutes for capasitors in airbag module to lose charge VERY IMPORTANT. remove airbag bolts are either from behind or under both cruise switchs witch are secured from behind and fit very tightly in wheel. then remove 2 squib connectors from airbag and connector in clockspring for horn and cruise. remove bolt or nut from shaft and counter weight then use a puller tool with the proper bolts for threaded holes in wheel. do not let the clockspring turn and install new wheel thightening nut or bolt will repress wheel to shaft. don't forget the counter weight goes on under the nut. reconnect all your wiring bolt in airbag and switches. now you want to turn ignition on and then connect the battery. if there is a deployment of bag you wont get hurt that way.