How do you replace a tail light on a 1992 Corsica?

Ok I am going to answer my own question. I originally asked because the left tail light wouldn't come off. If this is the case with you as well, it could be that it is caught on the frame inside. Mine was and i used a small flat head screw driver and inserted it above the lens and between the frame and pushed the lens down and it came out. There are alot of plastic wing nuts in the trunk by the tail lights. Those do not all hold the tail light in. The 4 small ones closest to the middle by the latch will take the license plate assembly off. The ones you need to take off for the tail light assembly are the larger wing nuts. There are four for every light assembly. The light will just pop right out once the wing nuts are taken off. I was able to do all of this successfully last night and replaced 3 burnt out bulbs.