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Sincerely, I recommend you buy a shop manual. Haynes or chiltons (for the inexpensive cost) are good manuals to consult. I use Motor or Mitchl manuals.The job you are questioning is quite an involved one.

You must at least, posess good mechanical skills. As this proceedure, if not done correctly, will render ur car useless. It basically involves removing parts and placing them back but, you must have the proper tools and, the manual in order to see the pictures or Figs.

Still want to know? Ok. Keep in mind, that this is a 2 man job, and that this procedure works better for an engine that has the existing belt still, but will work on one that has broken off. It just has a few more things to consider.

1- Apply emergency brake.2- Raise vehicle and support with stand.3- Remove front left wheel.4- Jack up engine a bit, to relieve weight on motor mount which must be removed on that same side the wheel came off.

5- Remove #1 sparkplug and bring that #1 piston to TDC. (Top Dead Center) To do this, have someone tap-crank the engine till u can visually see the piston come up. Important: #1 piston must come up on compression stroke!! In order to figure this out, use either of two ways. Either place a rolled piece of tissue onto the opening of the sparkplug hole, (as piston comes up on compression stroke ONLY, the tissue will pop out). Or, if you can block the hole with a finger (just snug) you will feel the compression blow by your finger. This SHOULD bring the timing marks to their respective places.

Note: (If you DONOT feel pressure come out of the sparkplug hole, you may have really bad piston rings. If so, this work is not needed, another engine is).

6- Disconnect NEG battery cable.

7- Remove motor mount.

IMPORTANT= Before removing all I am about to explain, you MUST loosen the Crankshaft center bolt first!! With the help of all the belts still on it will be hard, but, you must find a way to stop the lower crankshaft pully from rotating! If this pully rotates, the #1 piston will loose its correct timing position and YOU MUST re-do step #5 ((I KNOW, I HAVE DONE THIS)) If you do not have a tool that can hold the pully, you can try this.> NOTE: some people use a pry bar and wind up cracking the pully! Don't do it to that point. This pully has several holes in it. Using a chain, Bolt it at top where the motormount goes. Bring the slack down along side this pully. Find a small bolt that will fit in the holes with out having to screw in. If it does, all the merrier.

8- With the chain in place, place a pry bar (big screw driver like tool) in between engine and pully (with EXTREME caution)not crack anything plastic or the edge of the pully, or with causing warpage. (sorry, this is one way if you do not have that special tool that holds this pully).

NOTE: you must remove the lower plastic cover under the engine just in the front!

Now, when you removed the wheel, you did it so you can access this little hole that is covered by a rubber cap, remove this cap. Thru this hole you will see the crankshaft bolt. NOTE: if it does not seem aligned, lower or raise the jack to make it aligned. Place the correct size half inch socket over the nut. Insert a half inch ratchet extension, and attach a breaker bar to it. Place and hold the prybar in place and have the 2nd man turn the breaker bar counterclockwise until she breaks loose. THIS MUST BE ACHIEVED

9- Now remove belt by loosening the alt tensioner to slack the belt, and any other component that has a belt (ie, A/C, pwr str etc). Once this is done, begin lossening the screws or bolts to the pully of the water pump and crankshaft. They basically have 4 screws ea. Crankshaft pully has the center bolt too, remember! (DO NOT MIX THEM with others)

AGAIN: DO NOT allow crankshaft pully to budge!! Once the crank pully is off, you will notice its timing mark by means of a pin on the gear. Now, the timing mark which is to match with this pin looks like a pimple and is located at a 1'Oclock position on the engine. (In other words, look at this gear as if it were a clock. The little hand MUST be pointed to 1 O'clock. Once the pullys are off, remove the timing belt covers (2 pcs). There are several 10mm screws- don't mix them.

10- Now, at the top, you will see the camshaft, which will reveal part of the belt. What you want to check for is the timing mark on the belt pully sprocket (THIS ONE STAYS ON -DONOT REMOVE). This mark is in the shape of a triangle >. This mark must be pointing to 3 O'clock, at its counter timing mark, which is located about an inch away on the engine head. AGAIN: You must have a manual in order to understand this. If it is not, careful rotating adjustment must be done so that ALL timing points match.

11- Now you must just loosen the timing belt tensioner spring (a spring with a bolt thru it)

12- Now loosen the timing belt tensioner (the bolt is on the right side of it)

13- Once this is done, the belt can now be removed.

TO REPLACE.. follow these steps in reverse order. Make sure to check timing afterwards with timing light.

IMPORTANT: You can tell if #1 piston is at Top Dead Center, by removing the distributor cap and checking to see, that the rotor points to #1 wire on the cap. The distributor cap has the numbers on it.

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Q: How do you replace a timing belt on a 1991 Dodge Colt Vista?
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