How do you replace a water pump on a 1998 Oldsmoblie Intrigue 3800 6 cylinder engine when all bolts will come out except the one behind the power steering pump?

The bolt that is behind the power steering pulley can only be removed by removing the power steering pump. you should be able to just pull of the pully with a power steering pully puller I got the pulley off but cannot figure out how to get it back on. Might be screwed. Probably best to remove the power steering pump. Recommend you remove the two mounting bolts for the power steering pump. They are located in the face of the pump and can be accessed using a 13mm or 1/2 deep socket through the access holes in the pulley. This will allow the pump to be moved out of the way to remove the last bolt from the water pump. gt Removing the power steering pump by going through the holes in the pulley was life saving info for me, and 13mm can work but 1/2" was the right deep socket size for me. It's hard to see where the bolts mount to though as they go thru the p/s pump, try and remember where it was so going back together will be easier.