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Unless you are replacing a 16 foot wide window, you will need to install a header. Your best bet to span that distance is a laminated beam or other engineered lumber, and you will need 3 jack studs supporting it on each side. Since you are making a structural change, you will need to pull a permit and have the work inspected. Temporary bracing will be needed to support the roof while installing the beam. Make sure the rough opening is level and plumb, or you will have trouble with the garage door later on. While I encourage DIY's, this is probably more than a homeowner can comfortably handle, so get a few quotes before hand.

Take the molding off from the inside of the door where the window goes, measure the area where the window goes, go to hardware store buy the glass to fit the measurements, put the glass in the door and with small tacks and nail the molding back on,

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The question I would first ask is if the window is in the garage door or in the garage walls? If it's a part of your garage door then it requires a specialist and someone that deals specifically in garage door windows. You have to understand that the specific windows that are used on garage doors are made to withstand the pressure the door constantly moving. You won't find a contractor that would do it for only a garage door installation company.

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Q: How do you replace a window in a 16' x 7' Regal Garage door?
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