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How do you replace a window in a 16' x 7' Regal Garage door?

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Unless you are replacing a 16 foot wide window, you will need to install a header. Your best bet to span that distance is a laminated beam or other engineered lumber, and you will need 3 jack studs supporting it on each side. Since you are making a structural change, you will need to pull a permit and have the work inspected. Temporary bracing will be needed to support the roof while installing the beam. Make sure the rough opening is level and plumb, or you will have trouble with the garage door later on. While I encourage DIY's, this is probably more than a homeowner can comfortably handle, so get a few quotes before hand.

Take the molding off from the inside of the door where the window goes, measure the area where the window goes, go to hardware store buy the glass to fit the measurements, put the glass in the door and with small tacks and nail the molding back on,

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The question I would first ask is if the window is in the garage door or in the garage walls? If it's a part of your garage door then it requires a specialist and someone that deals specifically in garage door windows. You have to understand that the specific windows that are used on garage doors are made to withstand the pressure the door constantly moving. You won't find a contractor that would do it for only a garage door installation company.

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How can I replace the battery in my Dominator garage door opener remote control?


How much does a garage door window cost?

If the garage door window is plastic then the cost should be around 25-50 depending on the size. If the window is made of glass then you will spend around 100 dollars depending on size.

How can you replace your garage door opener if you lose it?

Yes most home stores sell the universal garage door openers that can be programmed, or go to the website of the garage door brand.

How do you replace a window on a Kia Sportage?

which window ? door or windshield or back window ?

How do you replace an interior door handle for a Buick regal?

Should have access after removing inner door panel

How do you replace a Buick Regal door panel bulb?

take the panel off the door, everything is inside

How do you replace a glass window in a metal garage door?

Contact a local glass company and get them to cut one for you. Many company's are there in online to replace your Doors. I strongly recommend this company to get instant help.

Will a 77 regal two door fit on a 76 regal two door?

A 1977k Regal two door will fit on a 1976 Regal two door.

Does Home Depot sell garage door parts?

"Yes. Home depot does sell some garage door replacement parts. It depends on the company that makes your garage door, and what part you need to replace."

Can you replace the pulley wire in the door panel that controls the window?

Yeah, quite easy remove window & replace with care...

Lift master opener 854CB where do you replace it?

I have a Chamberlain garage door opener, 850CB and where can I go to replace it?

How to replace a garagae door with an exterior door?

U Asked: "How to replace a garage door with an exterior door?"I Say U Cant, Unless U Cut Out A Portion Of The Garage Door (Where U Want The Exterior Door) Put In A Door Frame (Usually 80.5" h x 34.5" w), Then Insert The Exterior Door Hinges, Lock, Etc.

What is the stock speaker sizes in a 1992 buick regal?

4" in dash 4x6" in door and 6x9" in the back window

How do you replace the driver's side window in a 1995 Honda Civic Dx?

A 1995 Honda Civic will have a trim on top of the window that can be removed. Once removed, the window will have a spot to slide out of the door. Slide the old window out of the door and replace with the new glass.

How do you replace a window in a garage door?

You need to re-word your question stating wether it is a wood door with glass windows or a steel door with plexiglass windows. Are the window panes square or oval like? Most of all, What name brand is the door and approximately how old it is. If you can squeeze all of these items into a question, I think you'll find a more specific answer. Hope this helps

How do you take the panel off the door of a 1985 Cadillac coupedeville to replace the window motor?

can someone please tell how to get the door panel off to replace the window motor to my cadillac coupe deville

How do you replace a garage door?

This is a broad question. Entry door or overhead door? If you are replacing an overhead garage door I would suggest calling a qualified experienced contractor. Entry doors are a project that a savy homeowner can replace on their own with the proper tools and direction. Try watching some youtube videos.

What is a roller garage door for?

A roller garage door is a door for ones garage. It is called a roller garage door because the door operates with rollers on a track frame that allows the door to open and close.

How do you replace the rear vent window on a 2001 Chevy Blazer LS 4x4 2 door?

You can replace the rear vent window on a 2001 Chevy Blazer LS 4x4, 2 door with Direct Fit Power Window Regulators.

Where can one get a Stanley garage door repaired?

Unfortunately, Stanley Black & Decker no longer manufactures garage doors, nor do they repair or service them. The company that took over the garage door manufacturing side of their business went bankrupt in 2001, so they cannot be of help to you either. The best way to get a Stanley garage door repaired would be to look in your yellow pages for a garage door servicing company in your area. These companies are generally familiar with the older Stanley garage door models, and will be able to either repair or replace your garage door for you.

How do you replace driver side front window?

Open driver side door. remove inner door panel lower window pull it out of the bracket.

How do I change a garage door light bulb?

To change the garage door light bulb you need to remove the protective casing. Once you have removed the positive casing, you can replace it with a new one.

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