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How do you replace a window motor - 99 Bravada drivers side?


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2010-12-17 00:25:44
2010-12-17 00:25:44

You will need to remove the door panel first. In a '99 Bravada, there are a total of three screws to remove. First, remove the screw behind the door opening lever and remove the plastic cover that hides the internals of the door. Then, there are two screws hidden below the handle on the door (the handle below the locking tab/door opening lever). At this point, everything else is held in place with plastic clips and you will literally have to rip the panel from the car. Be careful so you don't break any of the clips if it can be avoided - it won't matter if you break one or two, however. Pull slowly and finesse the panel off and carefully set it aside.

Once you're into the door, you will see a black vinyl membrane that serves to block wind and dampen sound. It is held on with black silicone for the most part (you can replace that later on), however it runs under the speaker housing that is held in place with rivets. When I did this job, I just cut the membrane with scissors and patched it with duct tape when I was finished (I didn't feel like drilling out any more rivets than I had to). If you want to take the extra time to drill out the additional rivets, go for it.

At this point, you will need to remove the pane of glass and set it safely aside. It is not easy to get the glass out, but wiggle it enough and you can get it. It is held in solely by friction. There will be four rivets holding the motor in. You will have to drill these out to remove the unit. Be very careful at this stage, as there are sharp metal edges inside the door that can give you a nasty slice. I recommend a quality electric (not battery-powered) high-speed drill with carbide bits for this part of the job - or even an angle grinder if you happen to be skilled at using one in tight spaces. The rivets are NOT easy to remove, and you won't have a lot of room to work with. After the rivets are removed, you can slide the motor and regulator out. DO NOT drill out the spot welds holding the bottom rail of the mechanism to the door panel. This is permanent and should never be removed - just greased with a decent lithium or other automotive grease. The rest of the mechanism should slide right off the rail. Be sure and vacuum out any metal shavings from the bottom of the door.

Once you have the old parts out, just work backwards to put the new ones in. Because you drilled out the factory rivets, you'll have to find suitable nuts and bolts to mount the new motor (which should be no problem at all). This guide also applies to the Chevy Blazer, Chevy S-10, and GMC Jimmy for the same year, as they are identical vehicles in this respect.

Overall, this is about a 3 - 4 hour project (this is taking into account that it is enormously difficult). If you aren't up for it, take the vehicle to an auto glass place to have the work done.

As always, if you have any questions head to the library or auto parts store and pick up the service manual for your vehicle. It has detailed photos and step-by-step instructions. I prefer the Hayne's guides myself, but the choice is yours.


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