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Their numerous applications where O rings are used, you need to be more specific. Car, Airplane, boat, or machinery

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Q: How do you replace an O ring?
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How do you replace the o ring on a 1992 Honda Accord ex?

O Ring for what component.

How do you stop the radiator drain plug from leaking on your 1997 dodge ram?

Replace it, the o-ring on it is probably damaged.Replace it, the o-ring on it is probably damaged.

How do you replace fuel injector o-ring of Lexus es-300 1996?

Remove the injector and you will see the o-ring.

What happens when you need a new o ring?

That depends on what the o-ring is being used for. Generally speaking, a bad o-ring will leak whatever liquid or gas it is supposed to be sealing, period. When this happens, you have four choices; Have someone replace it; Replace it yourself; Discard whatever item the o-ring is used in; Or continue using the item with the bad o-ring until it no longer functions.

How do you replace the o ring on the transmission dipstick tube to stop fluid from leaking where the tube meets the transmission on a 1995 Dodge Dakota?

You need to unbolt the tube, pull it out, replace the o ring, reinstall, and check the fluid level.You need to unbolt the tube, pull it out, replace the o ring, reinstall, and check the fluid level.

How do you replace the o ring or seals on a 96 lumina?

by moving the discs

How do you fix a leak on the speedometer connection on a transmission?

replace O ring

How do you replace fuel injector o rings on a 1995 Ford Falcon?

just remove the injector gently, after purchasing the correct o-ring from parts dealer , now remove old o-ring , smear a small amount of vasoline where the old o-ring was , gently stretch new o-ring into the groove where the old o-ring was , then slide injector back into place , again gently.

What is the procedure to replace a cartridge filter?

Remove the cover holding the filter in the cartridge. Remove the old filter and wipe everything clean. Make sure to remove the old rubber O Ring. Replace the O Ring with the new one and install the new filter. Apply a thin layer of oil on the new O Ring. Replace the cover and tighten snugly. Do not over tighten.

Where does the o-ring go that came with the kit to replace a water pump in a 1990 KF Laser?

There is a pipe that goes into the pump. Put the 'O' ring on the pipe and push in

Drain valve on Plymouth voyager 97 keep dripping after replaced coolant. How do you make it stop?

There is an O-ring on the petcock. You will need to replace the O-ring/petcock.

Oil blowing out of distributor on 1994 Chevy caviler convertable?

There is a rubber O-ring seal on the distributor shaft. You will need to pull that shaft and replace the O-ring. Fairly easy job. The O-ring will cost you about $1 if you can do the work yourself.

How do you fix a injector leake on a 1980 240d Benz?

Replace the O-ring on the injector.

How do you replace the o-ring on the high pressure side of the fuel rail on a 1998 Olds Achieva 3100 V6 motor?

Put the "O" ring on the line and lubricate it with a little silicone.

Why are bubbles coming from the return sprayer in above ground pool?

You could have a loose hose connection on the suction side of the pump or pump lid not tightened enough - remove lid and use vaseline on o-ring or replace o-ring. k You either have a loose hose fitting at the pump or an o-ring on the pump lid that is not seating -- remove the o-ring if old and replace -- add some vaseline to the o-ring. You have not maintained the water level at or above the middle of the skimmer thraot. k k

Why does your hayward chlorine feeder leak?

You need to replace the "O" ring inside the lid of the feeder.

When was Ring a Ring o' Roses created?

Ring a Ring o' Roses was created in 1881.

How do you you replace a fuel pump for a 1990 Plymouth Acclaim?

Remove fuel tank. Use a brass punch to drive fuel pump lock ring counterclockwise. Remove pump and O-ring. Check inlet sock filter for damage or contamination, replace if required. Clean sealing area of tank and use a new O-ring when installing.

How do you replace the fuel pump on a 1996 Chevy cavalier?

It's in the fuel tank. Remove tank, use a chisel to undo to round retaining ring. remove module & replace. replace the rubber "O" ring and retaining ring. Reverse to install, don't forget to chage the fuel filter also.

What does O in O-ring stands for cause ring already known as a round part?

'O' refers not to the shape of the ring but to the ring's cross-section.

How do you fix your transmission fluid from leaking from the radiator?

Depending wether the line going in has an o-ring or if it is just threaded you will either need to replace the o-ring or use a pipe thread compound to seal the fitting.

How do you tell if fuel injector 0 ring is bad?

If there is gasoline leaking from around your injector(s) the o ring could be bad. Take out the injectors and examine the o rings. If they are worn, broken or cracked they are bad. If the o ring doesn't return to its shape when squeezed or is no longer cylindrical it's bad. Of course it is recommended to replace old o rings every time you pull them out so the best course of action is to simply replace them all.

Where does the o ring belong?

Depends on what type of o-ring it is.

My 94 e320 has a leak at the back of the water pump There are three bolts that appear to hold in a plate is there an o ring behind that and can you replace insitu?

Yes you need to remove those 3 bolts and replace an O ring you can use some liquid seal to hold it in place. hope this help.

Why does your hayward chlorine feeder leak from the cover?

The first thing you must do is to turn the pump off and make sure it won;t come on while you have the feeder lid off. !!!! The second thing you want to do is make sure you do not inhale the chlorine gas that has accumulated within the tank as the lid is released. !!!! There is an o-ring or gasket within the lid or at the upper most outer rim of the feeder tank. This o-ring gets brittle with age and affects of the chlorine fumes. Determine the model and look for a replacement - get an extra one and keep in a cool dry place. Replace the o-ring using a silicone grease or at minimum vaseline on the o-ring. The o-ring should fit fairly snugly on the lip of the canister or sit within the lid without falling out. It may be possible that you will have to replace the o-ring yearly. Also while the lid is off check it for cracks. Replace the lid with the new o-ring installed and check for leaks. K