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How do you replace an engine motor mount on a 1994 Ford Taurus - Mercury Sable?

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2010-01-09 14:37:19

first to remove, you will need to locate the motor mounts. find

the bolts under the vehicle that secure the mount to the frame. use

jack stands. to secure the vehicle. with all the motor mounts bolts

removed from the top. get an engine jack, or hoist, to lift the

motor off the mounts. lift only enough to clear the bolts. check

with each move of the motor. some vehicles can be jack up directly,

others will have other things that need to be disconnected. remove

the bottom mounting bolt on the one you want to change. the mount

should come out pretty easy. installation is the reverse. things to

remember with reinstallation are: 1. proper mount. 2. line up the

bolt to the mounts. 3. lower the motor slowly. it is a good idea to

have someone to help you, and the manual for your vehicle. haynes

is just one of the types. 3. plan it take about a 8hr day to get it

done. anytime under a vehicle without jack stands is a danger. I

have seen the result of not using them. it is not pretty. It was

worse for the person that found them. hope it helps duboff

the front one is on the passenger side,not sure about the back ,but

you also have one on the driver side just inside the wheelwell its

called the transmission mount


You need to disconnect the mounts from the engine and lift the

engine up in the compartment high enough to remove the old mount

and slip in the new one.

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