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depends on the year i just did my 1986 f150 302 it was located on the front of the motor two bolts 1/2 inch and a tube on the bottom then you take off the sensor plug look under motorcraft products on the internet to see what it looks like have fun

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โˆ™ 2005-11-20 19:33:47
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Q: How do you replace an erg valve on ford f150 302 eng?
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Where is the egr valve located on a 1979 f150 with a 302?

The EGR valve on a 1979 F150 with a 302 is located in the center of the engine. It is close to the firewall.

Where is the pcv valve located on a 1989 ford F150 302 fuel injected?


Where is the egr valve on 1977 for f150 351m?

I don't know if it is the same but the EGR valve on my 1977 Ford 302 was underneath the carburetor at the back of a spacer

Where is the PCV vlave located on a 1986 ford f150 302 fuel injected?

pasenger side valve cover close to fire wall

How do you check the fuel pressure on 94 Ford F150 302?

There is a schrader valve on the fuel rail. It ought to have a black cap on it that you twist off.

Why does my 1984 Ford F-150 302 v8 cuts out while moving?

why does my 1984 ford f150 302 v8 cut out while moving

What fires injectors on ford 302 engine IN F150?

What fires the injectors on a 1986 ford 150 truck

What size engine is the 4.6l in the 97 ford f150.... 302..?

It would be a 289

What is the horse power rating of a 302 in a 1987 ford f150?

175 hp

How much oil does it take to fill a 1988 Ford F150 302 engine?

6 qrts

What is the plug gap for a 1992 ford f150 with a 302 asf42p?

( .054 inch ) according to

Whats the valve lash on a 94 Ford 302?

usually .0020

F150 removal intake manifold 302 engine to replace valve cover gaskets?

you do not need to remove intake manifold to change valve cover gaskets. intake bolts to the block. valve covers bolt to the heads EDIT: Theirs some clearance issues but you can maneuver the valve cover out.

Where is the PCV valve on a 1992 Ford Thunderbird sport 5.0L 302?

The most common place for a PCV valve is on the valve cover.

How do you adjust a fast idle on a 1989 Ford F150 302?

probably a bad idle air controller.

What's the name of the automatic transmission in a 1986 ford f150 4x4 with A 302 HAVE?

Mercon ----------------------- C 6

What engine came standard in 1987 Ford F150 truck with 302 motor?

5000cc engine will fit .

Where is the coolant temperature sensor on a 1994 Ford F150?

One the engine block on the 302 and 351's

How many quarts of oil is required for a 1993 5.0 302 ford f150?

5 to 5.5 Quarts.

Where is the oil pressure sending unit located on a 1995 ford f150 wiith a 302 motor?

Its located in front of the oilfilter on left side of engine

How do you replace lifters in a 302 ford?

The valve covers and rocker arms need to be removed as well as the intake manifold. Then remove the push rods to gain access to the lifters.

How do you replace the fuel pump in a 1993 Ford Bronco?

how do I replace a fuel pump on a 1993 Ford Bronco 302 5.0 L

How do you identify the ignition system on a 89 ford F150 with a 302?

the ignition modular is on the driver side 6" from firewall

What color is the tach wire on 1993 ford F150 302 V8?

at the tach it is white-pink green at coil

Where is the oil sending unit on the for a 1994 ford f150 302?

It should be just above the engine oil filter.