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replacing the intake manifold gasket consists of a few steps ::: Step 1. take loose the intake tube from the intake and breather box. step 2 remove the wiring harness from the intake mahifold there should be 4 injector plugs 3 plgs on the back of the manifold step 3 you must take loose the fuel lines both the supply line on the left side of the fuel rail and the return line on the fuel pressure regulator step 4 throtle cable must be taken off of the throtle body(and also dentent or shift cable if it is an automatic trans.) step 5 there is going to be a bracket on the underside of the manifold that more than likely will have to be gotten from the bottom should be a 14mm take loose from the manifold not the block step 6 there will be 8 to 10 12mm bolts that hold the intake manifold onto the head all of which are hard to get with the head still on the car but it can be done for a couple of them u will need a wrench and possibly even a swivel socket step 7 remove the intake and pay attention to the hose that runs from the intake to the oil breather on the back of the motor its a bit tricky to get back on if u dnt have samll hands step 8 make sure the gasket area of the intake and head are clean before installing the new gasket step 9 reverse the instructions to replace the intake and make sure you torque the intake stud nuts to 16 ft/lbs

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Q: How do you replace an intake manifold gasket on a 93 civic dx?
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What other parts do you need to replace in 1998 Honda Civic when you replace your head Gasket?

You will need the intake and exhaust manifold gaskets. I would also install new head bolts.

How do you replace a head gasket on a Honda civic dx 1.5 liter?

Replacing a head gasket on a 1.5 liter Honda Civic requires removal of many of the engines components such as the intake manifold, valve cover, and timing belt. After removing the head from the engine it needs to be resurfaced. Replace the old head gasket and machined head onto the block and reinstall all the other components.

Where is the PCV valve on a 1992 Civic Si?

on the intake manifold.

Where is the Map sensor on 1991 civic?

its on the firewall above the intake manifold

Honda civic HX o2 sensor?

Close to the Intake Manifold

Where is vacuum hose on 98 Honda Civic DX?

The vacuum hose on the civic is going to be to the left of the intake manifold.

Were is the iat sensor on a 94 civic?

In the back of the intake manifold on a d16z6 and on a d16y8 it should be on the air intake arm.

Where is the EGR value on a 1997 Honda Civic DX?

in between the firewall and intake manifold

Where is the PCV valve on a Honda civic 95?

By the last fuel injectoron on the intake manifold

Where is IAT sensor on 90 civic 1.5?

On top of the intake manifold. #20 on this image.

Replace cold air intake - Honda civic 1994?

disconnect the intake tube from the intake box (located it the front passenger side corner under the hood). disconnect it from the intake manifold. unbolt the intake box, take it out, and slide your new intake pipe onto the manifold, and run it to the same place you had the box at. your cone (filter) should sit in the same place.

Where is the PCV valve on a 97 Honda Civic?

It's on the back side of the engine between the oil filter and the intake manifold. There is a hose going from it to the intake manifold. Hope that helps.

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