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If you just want to replace a broken mast, you just need to get a new antenna mast core from the dealership. The replacement is easily done by unscrewing the lock ring around the antenna on the top of the fender and pulling out the core. You may have to turn on the radio to extend the plastic feeder tread out from the antenna. Then put the new antenna core back in, turn off the radio to wind-up the geared tread, and attach the lock ring.

If you want to replace the whole antenna assembly, then it gets complicated. The antenna assembly can be accessed easily enough by going up through the right front wheel well. You have to remove the wheel and the skirt under the wheel well to get to it. The antenna is removed by detaching a bracket that is secured to the inside body (one or two bolts are easy to remove) and the lock ring on top of the antenna. The problem is that the antenna cable is part of the antenna and you have to remove the radio and parts of the dash around the glove box in order to install a new one. Also be careful with third-party antennas because they may not fit the bracket. There must be an easier solution, but I haven't found one yet.

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Q: How do you replace antenna on 1998 Montero Sport?
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