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If you have the shifter on the column...I can't help you. I your shifter is on the floor (center console), then you take something to pry up on the gray plate that covers a large portion of that console where the P, R N D D 2 and 1 are. Slide this plate up and look for the bulb under there.

1.) Turn Key in ignition just enough to turn the radio on but NOT start the car. 2.) Put your foot on the brake and put your car in Neutral (this will make moving the plate easier). 3.) Open Ashtray and take it out. 4.) While gently holding bottom of the gray plate that covers the gear shift and indicators, use a small thin flat head screw driver to pry up the edges. Gently move the cover to the side. Be careful and work your way around the edges and you will have it up in minutes. 5.) Using a Philips screw driver, carefully remove the 3 gold screws that secure the shift plate. I strongly suggest using a magnetized screwdriver so that you don't lose any screws to the depths below the console. 6.) Carefully pull the gear shift assembly a little out of the console. 7.) On the left side you will see a couple small wires on a black node coming out from the area right next to the gear indicator icons. Turn that small black bulb case counter-clockwise and pull out. 8.) Remove bulb and replace :) I was actually able to recycle the green silicone like cover that goes over the bulb. Overall 10 mins and $2.80 later, like new :)

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Q: How do you replace automatic transmission shift indicator light?
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How do you replace automatic transmission shift indicator light on a 2003 grand am?

Remove the cover to the shifter column. The indicator light will need to be detached from the wiring harness. Reverse the process to install the new light.

How do you change the automatic transmission gear indication light in the console of a 1997 Geo Prizm I'm having trouble getting all the covers off to get access to the bulb?

If you have an automatic transmission. Then you do not have a shift indicator light.

Why does overdrive light blink on my Ford Probe SE automatic after running out of gas if the overdrive works fine.?

The OD light flashing is an indicator of an electrical failure in the transmission. Get it fixed now or replace the tranny later.

Why automatic transmission shift indicator light turn off?

bulb burned out; fuse/circuit breaker open

How do you replace shift indicator light 2003 Escalade?

how do you replace shift indicator light escalade 2003

Why is the D4 light stay on in a 1993 Honda Accord?

Replace your AT Control Unit (Automatic Transmission Computer)

What does the green light with a S indicator mean on the dash of a 1990 Honda Accord?

Sport. It changes the shift pattern of the automatic transmission. You can turn this on or off.

Why won't the key come out of the ignition if the P for Park is not illuminated on the dash of an automatic 1990 Honda Accord DX?

because the light is the indicator that the transmission has locked into place, if it doesnt then the transmission will give you hell...

Have a 2005 durango with the malfunction indicator light on the diagnostic code is code P0700 code what does that mean?

Trouble code P0700 means: Automatic Transmission Control System Malfunction

What does LSD auto light means?

It is referring to the indicator light for the automatic-lsd (limited slip differential).

What is the amber arrow colored indicator light on a 1998 Jeep Wrangler?

If it's the arrow-shaped one in the dashboard of an automatic transmission Jeep, then it's supposed to indicate when you are supposed to up-shift.

How do you repair turn indicator light 1996 Toyota Avalon?

Take out the side indicator light assembly (which is most difficult part) and then replace the bulb.

Why would a Automatic transmission will not go into first gear at stop light?

There are several things that can cause your automatic transmission not to go into first gear. The most common cause is low transmission fluid.

How do you replace the rear driver side indicator light?

you take the light out and put the new one in

What does it mean when the OD off indicator light on a 2007 ponitiac vibe mean?

You have probably turned off the overdrive function of the automatic transmission. Look for a small button on the gear selector reachable with your thumb.

What does the AT warning light mean on a Mitsibushi Pajero?

automatic transmission oil temperature warning light

What does a t check light mean on an infiniti i35?

Automatic transmission.

How do you check the sleep mode on a 2003 BMW X5?

If it is equipped with the automatic transmission - the "P" indicator on your gear selector will remain lit for 16 minutes after shutdown. After the 16 minutes has passed, you'll notice the lamp has gone out. That is your indicator that the vehicle has entered "sleep" mode (when the light is out).

How do you change Automatic transmission indicator light bulb in a 1998 land rover disco?

Hi, You must release the outside cover around the gearlever. Press a flat swrewerdriver in the back groof towards the glovebox

Why is the icv light on in 2009 Nissan Altima?

This warning actually spells ICY... It is an automatic indicator to warn of ICY roads and weather conditions. This warning actually spells ICY... It is an automatic indicator to warn of ICY roads.

How do you reset the coolant indicator light?

you don't, replace the sensor as it's bad.

Which bulb is in the automatic transmission gear indication light in the console of a peugeot 106 automatic?

It is bulb type as T5 socket.

What does it mean when the at oil temp light comes on in a 2000 subaru outback?

This light warns that transmission oil temperature on an automatic transmission is too high. If the light is flashing it indicates that the transmission control system is not working properly.

How do you replace a light bulb for the shift indicator on a Pontiac Aztec 2002?

The indicator panel should by carefully pried out. Then you can change the bulb.

Front indicator light on the peugot 206 not working but indicator arrow on dashboard clicking fast?

you need to replace the bulb in the front...