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There is a removeable small panel inside the car, directly on the inside of where the tail light is. Gently open it or remove the panel, you will see 2 or more plastic bulb holders. Choose the one with the most wires leading into it-- that is usually the brake light one. Grip the plastic bulb holder, twist counter-clockwise approx 1/8 turn (this may be a small struggle if you have big hands), then gently pull the bulb holder out. Look at the tiny wires inside the bulb-- one will have a break in it. To remove bulb, push down on the bulb as you rotate counter-clockwise approx 1/10 turn, then pull bulb out of the holder. STOP! Look at the bulb. It has 2 little protrusions on the metal base sides, one on each side, and one is further down than the other. Make note of which one is furthest down (and where it was), then replace the bulb. Most ScoobyDoos use a 1157 tail light/brake light combination bulb. Replace bulb by lining up the little protrusions in the holder, then push in and twist approx 1/10 turn clockwise. If the bulb does not want to twist, you either did not push down hard enough, or you have the bulb protrusions installed the wrong way. You should only need to push down with approx 3 to 5 pounds force-- the bulb will slide down then stop-- then hold it down as you twist a bit clockwise. If you have it in correctly, the bulb should twist a bit then lock in place such that it will not fall out by itself. Once the bulb is in the holder, test it. You should see a decent light with the parking lights on, and it should get really bright when you touch the brake pedal. Turn off the parking and brake lights, then re-install the bulb holder into the tail-light housing-- be gentle! That plastic is 15 years old! The bulb holder will only go into the housing one way, you may need to turn the holder a bit one way or the other, but when you find the correct spot it almost falls in. Twist clockwise approx 1/8 turn (no need to push in this time), and replace the inside plastic protective panel. Test the light again to ensure it works.

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Q: How do you replace brake light on a 1991 Subaru wagon?
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