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I'm going to assume that the '02 is the same as the '00 that I have experienced. These are pretty easy to do, requiring removal of only 2 bolts with 14mm heads once the wheel is off. Everything just kind of slips off and back on. However, since you are asking here, I must assume that you are relatively new to this sort of thing. Brakes are easy, hardest thing is getting all of the little spring clips back in the right place, but you can muck it up and be in big trouble. My recommendation would be to get a shop manual, like Haynes, from your auto parts store that is specific to your Forester. I'm not really a novice at these things but I went to the expense of buying the entire 7-volume factory service set. Read the instructions carefully and if you still want to try it yourself, have at it. Do one side at a time and have a friend check it over before you put the wheel back on. Tro pieces of advice: If the rotors don't need replaced, scuff 'em up with some 60- or 80-grit on both sides. Use disc brake quiet from the auto parts store on the back of the pads, you'll likely be sorry if you don't. --Ken

When doing brakes, (or most jobs that require striping down parts), why not take digital photos at different stages andpop them onto your computer screen, you then have your own instant reference manual forthe rebuild.--regards John.

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Q: How do you replace brake pads on a 2002 Subaru Forester L?
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