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How do you replace bulbs in the gear shift and AC cassette control area in 96 Corolla DX?


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2015-07-15 19:43:58
2015-07-15 19:43:58

There is one illumination bulb to light up the gear shift indicator. Remove the center rear console, then the console around the shift lever, and you will see the wires on the left side that go to the bulb. Twist the small socket and it will come out, then just put in a new bulb.


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If your 92 Toyota Corolla taillights are out, but the dash light and fuse work fine, the bulbs could have burn out. Replace bulbs on each side.

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What model of Corolla ? You have to take the dash board out and the bulbs can be removed and replaced from the back. The dashboard on the Corolla is not that difficult to take out, but you have to do it slowly and carefully.

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I was told that the bulbs are not replaceable. You have to replace the entire pad.

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go inside the trunk there should be a clip you push that down an pull the assimbly out an replace the burned out bulbs hope this helps you...

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If you have the automatic climate control system, I do not think there are actual "bulbs" in the display as it is all electronic. In my 1988 LeSabre I had to replace the entire control unit which I picked up at a salvage yard. Just a thought.

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