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First, take the ashtray out. Then with your fingertips, remove the shroud from around the ashtray, climate control panel, and radio. You can unhook the ashtray for convenience, but you don't have to. You'll see 4 screws. Remove the 3 dials from the front of the climate control panel by pulling them off. Don't worry. They can only go back on one way. You'll see two screws. Take them out. Now take out the four screws that hold in the climate control panel. Now you want to separate the black front from the white back. It's held together with two tabs on top of the panel. You don't have to unhook any of the wires. When the black front and white back are separated, look into the white back and you'll see two light bulbs. Carefully pull them out. You don't have to remove them from the back. Replace them with two new light bulbs. Toyota won't sell you the light bulbs. Honda will. It's Honda part #35505-S30-003. They cost me $4.30 each. Honda might have them in different colors, so ask if you wish. With totally dry hands, replace the old bulbs with the new ones. Reassemble your dash. You took it apart, you can get it back together again.

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Q: How do you replace dash bulbs in 98 Camry Climate Control Panel?
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Why won't the climate control in my Plymouth grand voyager se change modes?

The panel is broken. Replace it

Fan only works on high on a 2004 highlander?

faulty switch, replace it(the one on your climate control panel)

Where do you buy a replacement climate control panel for a 1993 Ford Tempo?

You can buy a 1993 Ford replacement climate control panel at most Ford dealerships. The climate control panel is also available at most auto-parts stores.

How do you replace1996 v6 Mercury Sable climate and take out the Mercury Sable control?

To replace the 1996 V6 Mercury Sable climate control and take out the old control, you will need to remove the covering below the steering wheel and dashboard. Then, access the climate control in the instrument panel and remove the old control.

How do you replace bulbs in heater control panel on xsara Picasso?

You can replace the balls in the heater control panel on an XS ARA Picasso by removing the front cover of the heater control panel. The panel lights will then be visible.

How do you change the heater control panel switch in a 2005 Camry?

You need to replace the entire panel with all controls Stealership price is about 600.00 plus install or you can go to Ebay and find it for under 100.00 like I did

1996 Chevrolet Beretta and you need to know what the black box behind the climate control panel is so you can replace it?

DRL module

How do you replace the heater and air condition switches on a 2003 Lincoln Aviator?

I believe the climate control panel should snap in without screws.

How do you change burned out bulbs in control panel in 1995 Camry?

Change the fuse controlling the control panel lights. You need to check wire harness around the panel because you have to high voltage in the circuit.

What does ccp stand for on a Cadillac sls?

Climate Control Panel

How do you change the front door speakers in a 1996 Camry?

You have to remove the door panel, after that you will be able to replace the speaker.

Climate control wont work On 1988 Dodge shadow and the switch for blower will not work?

You will have to replace the climate control unit. This may sound difficult but is pretty easy. There is usually a trim piece surrounding the entire panel on which is the climate control unit and the radio. I think there are four to six screws holding it in place. Remove the trim panel and you will see that four screws hold the climate control unit in place. Pull the unit out, unplugging the connector(s) at the back and replace it with the new one. 1988 might be too old to find one in a salvage lot, but that is where I recommend you go to find a replacement unit.

How do you change the light bulb for the heater control on a 2006 Tahoe?

To change the light bulb for the heater control on the 2006 Tahoe, you will either need to replace the entire climate control panel or remove and re-solder the bulbs. You can remove the bulbs by first removing the dashboard bezel and then the dash itself. Access the bulbs and pull them out of the control panel. Solder new bulbs into the panel.?æ

What is the temp control for on passenger door panel for on my 1996 cadillac deville?

It is for dule zone climate control

What is the thing called that you use to control the temperature in a 1995 Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme?

climate control panel.

Aftermarket CD player replacement 2004 Ford Taurus?

If you have manual climate control, just about any will work but you need to replace the entire radio/climate control panel. New ones can be bought from most car stereo dealers that permit installation of the aftermarket radio. You move your original climate control knobs and controls, and install the new radio to the replacement panel.If you have the automatic climate control, you're stuck. There isn't a replacement panel available to adapt to aftermarket stereos.There are replacements for radios with climate control,, had best price about 50 dollars and 14 for shippingSee "Related Questions" below for more

How do you replace the electric window regulator in a 1999 Camry?

The panel where the regulator is detachable. You will be able to remove it very easily. When you remove the panel you will see the way how the regulator can be replaced.

How do you replace the tail light relay on Toyota Camry?

In a 1987 Toyota Camry (I think through like 1992), it's in the panel to the left of the driver's feet. There are two relays in that panel on mine, the rear is the Defogger, the Front one is the Taillight relay.

How do replace the dash lights on a 1996 Toyota Camry?

This is for the Heater/Fan/Cooler lights. To replace the bulbs remove the control knobs by pulling them off, the front panel can be pulled off using a small screwdriver, pry it off on the right side then remove the clear diffuser panel and twist and pull the small bulbs out. There are 2 bulbs for that heater knob control. (bulb # 90069-98004)

How do you replace a passenger side powered mirror on a 1995 Toyota Camry?

Remove the door panel and the mirror is held on with bolts.

Is there a relay from the fuse panel to the climate control switch on a 1999 VW Beetle?

no there is not

How do you replace interior door handle for Camry 2002?

You have to remove the door panel to access handle screws. After that you have to disconnect pulling rods and replace the handle with another one.

2003 buick rendezvous and the interior lights on the radio panel and climate control panel do not worksome of them do .So you were wondering what the problem was and how to fix it?

They can't be fixed. You have to change the radio. The climate control is the same way, You have to change the unit to get the light working.

How do you replace temperature control panel in passat?

Detach the negative battery cable. Remove the bezel to get access to the control head and remove its screws. Remove the control panel. Pry the clips free. Disconnect cables from the heater. Install the new control panel.

Why is the EC switch on the climate control panel of your Mercedes always on?

It is on if you selected it by pushing the button.