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Changing the dash lights is easy. you can change them all in less then five mins. However... Getting to the dash lights is a bit time consuming.

Before doing this, you may want to ensure that your headlight switch is not the problem. The dim/bright adjustment became defective and was the main cause of my dashlights not coming on.

Easy way to check is to turn the dim/bright to the full on position, this will light up all all of the dash lights including the radio and heater/defroster lights. If this does the trick then replace the Headlight switch.

If not follow the guide below. (I also had to replace some lights)

1) Carefully remove trim around driver side dash (upper and lower trim)a flat head screw driver normally does the trick.

2) Locate all the screws they will be starshaped heads, get the screw bits, it will make work go faster.

3) Start removing the screws. you will have to remove the headlight and wiperblade knobs.

4) you will need to remove the upper and lower shields then you will have access to the guage compartment.

5) you will need to remove the trip around the plastic gauage shield.

6) remove the guage sheild.

7) you should have access to the guages.

8) remove the guage trim, it is the plastic dividers between the guages, it is there to cover the seams.

9) remove the guages. once you remove the screws the guages will pull out. Becareful not to damage the conncetions on the back of the guages

10) you should now see the lightbulbs. They remove fairly easily.

11) turn on the lights to ensure everything works.

12) reassemble in the reverse order.

Good Luck. And again it is highly advisable that you ensure you have the starshaped screw bits of various sizes. Wal-mart normally carries a small set for a few bucks.

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Q: How do you replace dash lights on a full size 1989 Ford Bronco?
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