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Previa Dist.CapSorry, but you don't. The Toyota Previa has an internalized distributor cap/rotar located under the console on the driver's side. Unless you are a certified Toyota Mechanic, it's basically impossible to change/clean/whatever.

Actually... the dist. and cap is under the pass. seat and is mounted on the end of the cyl. head. It is replaceable.


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The Previa's Dist. is under the engine, facing to the rear of the van. The Cap & rotor are replaceable.

The dist. is easy to remove if you have enough room to get under the van.

Also, the dist. SHAFT oil seal goes out regular on all Previa's. Ck. this

1st. as it is the most prevalent oil leak for Previa's.

The 2nd most prevalent oil leak for these van's is from the valve cover not reinstalled correctly after removed for any reason. Make sure to use Sealant in the correct spots.

See any Haynes repair manuel. (I detest Chiltons repair-no-help manuel.


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Q: How do you replace distributor seal on 1991 Previa?
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How do you repair oil leak on the distributors part?

If there is leaking around the base of the distributor, and you will need to replace the seal. The distributor oil seal is a paper gasket or rubber O-ring, and the distributor is removed to replace either one if the seal is leaking. It is easy to change, just remove distributor and change the seal.

Do you pull the trans to replace rear main seal in 1991 Chevy 350?

Yes, That would be the easiest thing 2 do.

Why wouldn't your Chevy Cavalier start after it was washed?

There is probably a leaky connector seal somewhere or possibly a little water gets in the distributor, provided that your cavalier is old enough to have a distributor. Check the connectors, especially around the ignition distribution. You can seal connectors with a little silicon grease, but if there is any damage, just replace the part.

How do you replace a flexplate on a 1991 Chevrolet caprice?

Remove the transmission and starter. Unbolt the flexplate from the crank. While you're at it, replace the rear main seal. Replace the flexplate and torque bolts to manufacturer's specs.

How replaced transmission seal my Tahoe?

Front seal: remove engine or transmission and replace the seal. Rear seal, remove the drive shaft to replace the seal. Unfortunately, you typically only have problems with the front seal.

How do you replace a rear wheel bearing and seal on a 98 Toyota Tercel?

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Oil blowing out of distributor on 1994 Chevy caviler convertable?

There is a rubber O-ring seal on the distributor shaft. You will need to pull that shaft and replace the O-ring. Fairly easy job. The O-ring will cost you about $1 if you can do the work yourself.

I have a 1996 Chevrolet Tahoe with condensation in distributor cap. It is fowling the points in the cap. How is this fixed.?

replace the cap, it most likely has a hairline crack or bad seal.

How can a corporate seal be destroyed?

How do I replace a lost corporate seal?

How did oil get into my distributor cap?

damaged internal and external disrtibutor seal

How is the front Main Seal changed on a 1991 Jeep Laredo 4.0 Liter?

Remove the serpentine belt. Remove the harmonic balancer. Pry it off the crankshaft. Install new seal, replace balancer and belt.

How to replace the Front axle seal on a Ford Escape?

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How do you fix a distributor oil leak on a 1990 Honda Accord?

AnswerBefore you go too far assuming the distributor is at fault, start the engine and remove the oil fill cap.If you get a lot of air coming out, it may be what's called "blow by". That is often the result of not changing the oil on schedule. The rings become trapped in oil "sludge" and end up failing to provide an adequate seal. When that happens, combustion gasses leak past the cylinders and into the crankcase. The combustion gasses can end up creating enough pressure that it pushes oil vapor out any opening, including the distributor shaft or the rear main seal. Without that blowby pressure, the oil will not be able to make it up that distributor shaft and leak out.IF you found oil inside the distributor most likely it coming from the seal on the shaft of the distributor. To fix this problem you will have to replace the distributor sub assy.

How do you fix Seal leak for Ford 94 Mustang?

Replace the seal.

How do you fix a vaccum seal leak montero 2002?

Replace the seal.

To remove the water pump on your Toyota Previa do you have to remove the oil filter housing?

yes, you have. And change new seal too.

How do you replace a Ford F-150 rear axle seal?

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How do you replace a front crankshaft seal on 99 Mitsubishi mirage?

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Why does water spray out from the water pump on your 1991 Chevy Beretta gt?

The seal is shot, time to replace the water pump. Do not let engine over heat!

You have oil on your spark plug wires where is the oil coming from 93 Honda accord ex?

usually the valve cover gasket and the oil seals on the top of the cover,replace gasket and the also the distributor seal

Why does a 4l60e rear seal keep popping out?

It is either the WRONG seal or the tailshaft bushing is worn out. Replace bushing and seal.

How do you replace rear main oil seal on 1991 jeep wrangler?

remove driveshafts, transfer case, transmission, clutc, flywheel, pry out seal, pop in new one, put it back together....approx 8-10 hrs -boone

How do you replace a rear main seal in a transfer case in a 1997 Ford Explorer?

You can replace the rear main seal in a transfer case, on a 1997 Ford Explorer, by removing the transfer case cover. Remove the seal, using a seal puller. Reverse the process to install the new seal.

How do you repair harward pool pump from leaking?

If it is the pump seal - replace the seal and other related gaskets. If it is the pump itself - replace the entire pump.

How do you replace the front crank seal on a 85 Chevy 305?

you have to take off the timing chain cover and replace the seal in the timing chain cover as welll youll need the oil pan seal