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jack up car in air with jack stands safety first. get a floor jack with a peice of 2 by 4 under the engine and trans pans and remove bolts securing moter mounts to frame slowly jack up engine just enough to remove mounts work slowly because if you move the engine to much you can break something that's not meant to be stretched. do one at a time to keep it simple quality over speed and there should be 3 to 4 mounts usually two on top by the fenders and two in the center of the engine underneath front and back.


The above is a good general answer about replacing motor mounts... but not entirely accurate.

90-93 Celicas have four motor mounts. One is underneath in the front by the radiator, one is in the lower rear by the firewall, one is on the passenger side near the top by the strut tower, and the last is on the driver's side, sandwiched in above the trans and below part of the frame.

The two that usually go bad are the front and rear lower, and both are fortunately easy to change. After jacking up the car and supporting safely as mentioned above, you will need to drop the center fore-aft engine crossmember, which is held on by bolts to the main subframe. Both mounts are attached to this sucker. You probably won't need to even support the engine to change these, but keep your jack handy in case you need to "rock" the engine back and forth to line up the bolt holes. Simply unbolt the mounts and install the new ones.. not brain surgery. The hardest part is getting the car jacked up.

As far as the two side mounts go, they are a little more challenging. You probably will not need to jack up the entire car, but you will still need a jack to support the engine during surgery.

Here's some illustrations. Many thanks to for the illustrations, and countless invaluable tips on keeping these ol' rice grinders going.

Passenger mount:


You will absolutely need to support the engine during this procedure. Once all the bolts are removed, jack it up a hair to facilitate the installation of the new mount. This would also be a good time to change your timing belt and water pump, as this mount must be removed to do so.

Driver mount:


Once again, you will need to support the engine. This is not as easy as the picture makes it out to be, as getting to some of the bolts is very hard. There is quite a lot of stuff in the way here. Have patience.

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Q: How do you replace engine mounts on a 1992 Toyota celica GT coupe?
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