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I'm guessing you mean the front wiper here,- you just remove the cover over the nut and unscrew using spanner. make sure its not too loose or it will come off during motion. that's as far as i can help.


2015-07-15 21:49:38
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Q: How do you replace fiat punto windscreen wiper control unit?
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How do you replace windscreen wiper linkage on 2004 Golf 4?

Remove the old wiper and replace with a new one

Fitting instructions to replace fiat punto rear wiper arm?

how do get rear wiper arm off fiat punto grande

Where is the rear windscreen wiper control on a 2000 Ford Fiesta?


Where is the Punto windscreen wiper motor located?

Below windscreen in the front hood. You have to remowe plastic cover to gain access.

The windscreen wipers on my 1997 punto won't work any ideas what it could be?

Fuse blown Wiper switch faulty wiper motor faulty both wiper arms have come loose on the spindles.

The drivers side windscreen wiper on a fiat punto has stopped working but the passenger side is fine How can you fix it?

This has just happened to my wifes Punto. Had to replace the wiper motor, as the linkage came apart due to wear. You cannot replace the arms, therefore, new motor. You could just try clipping it back in, but it is doubtful. Lift the bonnet. At the back at the top, just under the windscreen, you will see the arms. The one you are talking about will most probably be lying at the bottom, disconnected. Rip off if you ask me.

How do you operate the back windscreen wiper on the 106?

Twist the end of you windscreen wiper stalk away from you..

How do you replace a wiper control module in a 1998 dodge ram?

how do you replace a wiper control module in dodge 1998

Why would the front windscreen wiper relay on your peugeot 206 have stopped working is this easy to replace and how much would it cost?

front wiper relay

How do you change punto wiper motor?

Undo the 4 retain screws on the plastic at the bottom of the windscreen (do this with the bonnet open) Lift out the Plastic. Undo retaining points on motor and undo nuts on the bottom of the wiper blades. Remove blades and den lift out motor and linkage after disconnecting the wiring. Then reverse to replace :D

How do you fit a new back windscreen wiper to a Fiat Punto?

I had the same problems with my Punto sx 60, 1998 reg. I bought a complete unit. It will be necessary to unscrew the old one and then replace with the new one. hope this helps.......Claire Peronally, I suggest you give up and buy a new car entirely- Fiats are cheap for a reason. This time it would be useful to get one with a back windscreen included. Hope this helps.... Melon

My windscreen wiper doesn't spray the water on my zafira 07?

Your windscreen wiper does not spray water on the Zafira 07 because it is faulty.

How do you replace the windscreen wiper blade on a c180 mercedes?

Take a close look at how the wiper blade is attached to the wiper arm to get a visualization of the attachment type. Then see sources and related links below for wiper blade installation videos.

How do you use windscreen wiper in a sentence?

even though my windscreen wiper was on i still couldnt see ahead of myself due to the heavy rain.

Where is the windscreen wiper fuse located in a peugeot 206?

If the windscreen wiper is electric or controlled by a switch, it has a fuse. The wiper fuse on a Peugeot 206 is located in the fuse box in the engine compartment.

On a right hand drive 2002 Fiat Punto why would the driver's side windscreen wiper stop working while the passenger side continues to function?

Mk2 Puntos has a weak piece of linkage on the front wipers. The fix is relatively easy, although it will cost you a little money...there are details on

How do you remove mist on the outside of a windscreen?

Turn on the wiper

What does limpiaparabrisas mean in Spanish?

windscreen wiper(s)

How do you operate the back windscreen wiper on a pug 106 xnd graduate?

turn wiper stalk

When was winshield wipers invented?

The windscreen wiper aka windshield wiper was invented in 1903 by Mary Anderson

How do you turn off the rear windscreen wiper Ford Fiesta?


What is the lever next to the wiper lever in a peugoet 206 for?

on most cars with a lever next to the windscreen wipers, it's usually cruise control or a speed limiter

The thing that wipes rain off your car windscreen?

They are known as windscreen wipers in Britain.

What size windscreen wiper to use for Toyota VIOS J?


How do you turn off the rear windscreen wiper?

get the axe and chop 'em off