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How do you replace front control arm bushings on a 2001 BMW 325 xi?


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See this video on YouTube.

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its the upper control arm bolts also called cam's. most of the time you have to replace the cam bolts and the bushings. that's the best idea for you to idea. rangers are pretty well known for junking those upper control arm bushings.

Check your control arms. Bushings could be bad.

On my truck during a routine brake job. The truck was on the rack. At 99,999 miles, all the bushings of the front end had disintegrated. This is a2001 Lariat F 150 Extended cab.

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Most problems with an automobile door hinge is worn out bushings. There is a small rubber bushing behind the adjustment bolts. Replace the bushings.

Yes, but be aware that if you are not a ASE certified mechanic or have one that you trust...I wouldn't do it. Of course you can go out and buy the bushings, which is cheaper, but unless you have a good mechanic...I wouldn't recommend it. Iam doing the same thing right now with my 2001 neon. And I just bought the whole control arms. Cause the control arms consists of the bushings and the ball joints. So its good just to replace the whole thing. But if your looking for the cheaper option, then that's one to go with. But as I said, be aware that the bushings can be destroyed when trying to install the new ones, if your not careful. Good Luck! (Note: If your wanting to know the price of a whole control arm...its $99 at autozone or you can buy some refurbed control arms for about $65. each.)

If it is a short squeek, then the suspension bushings are probably worn. These are small rubber gromets that most repair shops can replace easily and inexpensively.

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There are a bunch of different bushings...please be more specific.

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okay, there is no replacement ball joint on these models you must replace the whole control arm it is not much more to buy. At Napa you can buy a control arm for 80.00 dollars. This is much easy to do than pressing a ball joint and you get new bushings as well.

I paid $425 at Gary Blake. 2001 9-5 Wagon 2.3t

Strut mounts okay? Control arm bushings? Sway bar bushings? Sway bar links? Penetrating oil is a mans best friend. Spray one part at a time drive around a few days if the noise goes away then you found your problem.

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Hi What you have are worn bushings on your door pins . I just replaced mine. You can purchase the bushings at a any gm garage the spring in the door has to be removed it is a bugger! Unless you have a door spring commpression tool (i purchesed one at my local auto parts store $18). These bushings wear and crack. Support your door , remove door pins with a pin punch, replace the bushings, replace pins ,replace spring. Hope this helped!

You have to replace the lower control did assembly .

Your problem is the rear control arm bushings. This is a common problem with all 97-03 Pathfinders. There are 2 control arms per side in the rear. They all wear, however the lower control arm, which is right along the outer edges of the vehicle is the most prevalent problem. I'll bet you've also started to notice alot of side to side rear sway at highway speeds. These bushings get soft and worn and this leaves room for the metal components to move side to side or back to front as in your case. If you're a DIY'er, you can either replace the bushings for about $40 total in parts and 3 hours or so of labor, mostly removing the old bushings, or you can replace the whole control arm for about $100 per side and less than an hour of labor. If you bring it in, be prepared to shell out anywhere from $400 - $800 depending on where you live.

All bushing i believe are self-lubricated, they are at least on my 03 impala. Mine is squeeky right now, i was told it is the sway bar bushings that need to be replaced.

On the BMW 330ci (model years 2001 and up), one common problem is the front control arm bushings. The control arm bushing is round, about 3 inches in diameter, and sits in a metal retaining bracket, which has two bolt holes. The bushing can be seen under the vehicle, near the front tire. The central rubber portion of the bushing wears out over time, and if broken, will cause vibration and clunking or knocking noise. The bushings are usually sold as a set (one for left, one for the right) because it's best to replace both at the same time. Price range is approximately $130-160 for a set of two. Another differential diagnosis (although NOT as common a problem as the front control arm bushings) is the front CV axle assembly. A worn CV joint can cause clicking or clunking sounds especially when making a turn.

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It looks as if I'll have to crawl under the front of the car to access the bulb to replace it.

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