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How do you replace front wheel bearings on a 2001 Pontiac Grand Prix?


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2015-07-15 21:14:23
2015-07-15 21:14:23

remove wheel, stick screwdriver between caliper to remove the 1 3/8 nut, remove caliper bracker and rotor, remove 3 bolts from the rear of the sealed bearing unit, try using a 3 prong pulley puller to push the axle slightly in while it pulls the bearing unit out but i would recommend putting your rotor back on the hub and beating it out with a rubber sledge so you don't damage the CV joint. purchase the sealed unit around 120 bucks, and reverse process and don't forget to plug in the ABS unit.


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You can't replace just the wheel bearings. You have to replace the whole hub assembly. Costs about 200 bucks per wheel at a repair shop. I have had both of mine replaced.

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Grand Ams eat wheel bearings, if one is bad you might as well replace both of them as the other will go out in a month or so, I had a 94 and replaced 6 wheel bearings in that car in 113,000 miles.

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The front wheel bearings, of a Pontiac vibe, can be replaced by first removing the front wheel. Next, remove the axle end cap. Remove the bearing and reverse the process to install the new bearing.

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