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It does have a fuel filter, it is located to the right of the battery. Go to this site: sign up and download the repair manual free. It will explain how to replace it.

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"According to my Honda Dealer and American Honda Co. the 2000 Honda Civic does not have a fuel filter, it has a "strainer" located inside the fuel tank before the fuel enters the Fuel Pump."


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There is NO cabin filter for 2000 Honda Civic model (6th generation). Cabin filter started in 2001 and on (7th generation).

The fuel filter on my 2000 civic is under the hood, near the windshield. If not there, you can try the usual method of following the fuel line from the gas tank to the engine.

To reach the alternator on a 2000 Honda Civic loosen the adjustment bracket. Pull the loose belt off then loosen the bolts for the alternator. Replace the alternator.

Your 2000 Civic has no cabin filter so that is not your problem.

My 2000 Civic has over 100.000 miles on it. It takes 5W20 oil and a "15400-PLM-A02" filter.

It depends on the model. D16Y8 Honda Civic EX 1996-2000 D15Z Honda Civic HF 1996-2000 D15Y7 Honda Civic DX/LX/CX 1996-2000

Brin it to honda... 380 they put new n change it

No. The motors are different, the 2000 Honda Civic uses D16 motors and the 2001 Honda Civics use D16 Motors.

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Before changing the oil on the 2000 Honda Civic drain the existing oil from the car. Locate the oil filter which is behind the engine. Raise the car and remove the filter. Install the new filter with some oil in it to prevent a dry start. Cap the drain bolt and pour in the new oil.


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According to a web based filter company, they noted that the transmission has to be dismantled to replace the filter.

I think thers a manual for it

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To fix a ratio on a 2000 Honda Civic transmission, follow the procedure stipulated in the users manual.

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Change all the transmission fluid and replace the filter.

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