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This is an unbelieveably difficult and dangrous task. The manual indicates you have to relieve the fuel pressure, take off the exhaust system completely, both rear tires, both rear calipers, both rear springs, drop the rear suspension supports, and finally remover the tank straps. The manual does not say you should unhook the battery first, but you should. I am a very strong back yard warror, and have built many Jeeps from the ground up with Northstars, done many frame up restorations on various cars, and trucks, and have vast experince in regards to Oldsmobile Auroras. I have most any tool you could ever dream of needing, and a very well equiped garage, but would be very reluctant to consider tackling this task and discourage others from attempting. Removal of the rear springs is a very dangerous task if not properly done, not to mention the risk of explosion resulting from improper handling of the tank and or failure to relieve the fuel presure correctly. WHY Olds didn't leave a simple access door in the trunk, like BMW does under the rear seat, is beyond me.

The GM 1995 Aurora repair manual, says to use the access hole under the carpet in the back right corner of the trunk. Just changed my 1995 that way. You are best to buy a new fuel sender locking nut or ring at the dealer for about $8. The fuel tank does not have any drainage slots formed into it, so the locking ring rusted beyond any hope of re-using it. To remove the old ring, I had to pry it apart with channel locks, because it was so rusted that it would not rotate.

Forgot to add this - to relieve the fuel pressure, just use the press the center of valve on the fuel rail (for pressure testing) and a rag to catch the dribble. Really no big deal.

The guy on the top I feel for you! This car is a big mystery. Yes, there is access door in the trunk. It is located under the carpeting to the extreme right. Easy job, but vaccum out the crap before releasing the locking device. Try not to fill up on gas if you can help it!

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Q: How do you replace fuel pump in 1995 Oldsmobile aurora?
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Lift the vehicle, lower the fuel tank and remove the sending unit. The rest should be cake.

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