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How do you replace fuel pump on a 1995 Chevy Astro van?


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drop the fuel tank and it's inside. remove the retainer on top then pull out the pump from the fuel tank


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fuel pumps whine when they are going bad

the pump is in side the fule tank drop tank replace pump get a astro van manual

remove the fuel tank, its inside, make sure you replace the fuel strainer on lower T piece pick up

The Fuel Tank is 27 gallons. I've had my 95 Astro van since 2000.

how do you replace the fuel sending unit

Follow the fuel lines forward from the fuel tank to the engine. Along that route you will find the fuel filter.

The 1997 Chevy Astro fuel relay switch is located on the firewall in the engine compartment. The fuel relay switch will be in the center of the firewall.

There is only one fuel filter.

You will have to drop the gas tank, to get to it.

replace fuel filter 2008 Chevy silverado

Bad news-its in the fuel tank A.M.

Mounted on top and inside the fuel tank.

try checking the fuel filter first.If that is not clogged check the fuel pressure...

Try treating it with Seafoam or Techron fuel system cleaners. You can buy both at most auto parts stores. Follow the directions on the can.

If the vehicle will stall and will not restart or appears to be out of fuel but the fuel gauge reads above empty, replace the fuel sensor assembly and auxiliary tank fuel level sensor if equipped. if not, replace the instrument cluster.

*With Fuel Injection: **Inside the fuel tank *Without Fuel Injection

if you are refering to the sensor for the fuel gauge, it is in the fuel tank with the fuel pump.

where would i locate the fuse for the fuel pump on a 1995 Chevy corsica

It should have no more and no less then 9 to 13 LBS of pressure. It must be on the money. If not then replace fuel filter and fuel pump.

I believe all Astros have fuel injected engines.

How do you change the fuel pump on a 2003 Chevy Malibu?

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