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Depending on where you live and your confidence with things mechanical, I might suggest just going to AutoZone, Checker or Pep Boys. It won't cost much more than just the price of the bulb. But if you want to do it and feel comfortable giving it a try: Headlight bulbs on many of the newer vehicle are not like the older bulbs. They are actually quite small and require a little extra attention. Generally the old bulb locks into the headlight assembly with 3 tabs. The bulb can usually be turned slightly counter-clockwise and can then be pulled out. The electrical connection can then be pulled off depending on how the engineers designed it. Use caution replacing the bulb and do not touch or scratch the glass. Newer headlight bulbs run at very high temps and have aversions to many foreign substances. Just slide the new bulb into the headlight assembly, turn clockwise and connect the electrical fitting. Good luck. Answer: On my '96 metro it uses the "old style" sealed halogen bulbs. To change you must remove the plastic fairing around the headlight by removing a couple of screws. Then you can remove the headlight itself much the same way. a 3 wire connector may be difficult to unplug and should have a little dielectric grease put in it to help prevent corrosion when replaced.

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Q: How do you replace headlights on a 1996 Geo Metro?
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