How do you replace heater core on a 1997 dodge Dakota?

# Disconnect the battery negative cable. # Remove the instrument panel from the vehicle. # If equipped with air conditioning, recover the refrigerant. # Disconnect the liquid line refrigerant line fitting from the evaporator inlet tube. # Loosen the accumulator. # Dakota, Durango: disconnect the accumulator inlet tube. # Drain the cooling system. # Disconnect the heater hoses from the heater core tubes. # Remove the powertrain control module from the dash panel. Disconnecting wiring is not necessary. # Remove the four nuts from the heater-A/C mounting studs on the engine compartment side of the dash panel. # Remove the nut(s) that secure(s) the heater-A/C housing mounting brace to the stud(s) on the passenger compartment side of the dash board. # Pull the housing rearward far enough for the mounting studs and evaporator condensate drain tube to clear the dash panel holes. # Remove the housing from the vehicle. # Lift the heater core out of the housing. # Installation is the reverse of removal.