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Well, you could run a new cable through the dash and attach it, OR do what the previous owner of one of my trucks did and attach a lawn mower pull cable to the mechanism and just have a simple release outside the vehichle. Not sure about the specifics of doing either of these things to a New Beetle, just trying to provide some constructive input.

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โˆ™ 2011-03-12 21:35:15
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Q: How do you replace hood release cable for a 1999 Volkswagen beetle?
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1973 Beetle accelerator cable?

how do replace an accellerator cable on a 1973 bug

What fuse do you replace to make the gas tank open on a 1998 volkswagen new beetle?

On mine, it was not a fuse, it was a broken cable. I could hear the electric motor engage. Unsure of which fuse if you do not hear the motor. You can reach under the trim panel, locate the cable, and pull on it to manually release the fuel door.

How have to do to replace alittle bulb ob the VDO on super beetle 1973?

How I have to do for replace a little bulb on the ODO speedometer cable on 1973 Super Beetle ?

How do i open the hood on a 2000 beetle if the hood release lever is broken inside the car?

To open the hood on the 2000 Beetle if the hood release lever is broken inside the car, you can remove the glove compartment of the vehicle and find the release cable inside the dashboard. Pull the cable to open the hood. You will then need to replace the hood release lever.?æ

How do you remove the driver side door panel of a 1999 Beetle to replace door lock?

How do you remove the driver side door panel of a 1998 VW Beetle to replace the door handle cable?

How do you change a clutch cable on a VW fox?

I am told it is easy to replace the clutch cable on my 89 Volkswagen Fox, however I have no mechanical skills. I I had diections I am willing to learn.

How do you get the fuel tank door open manually on a 1999 volkswagen beetle?

By the light in the trunk of the car there is a hand sized panel. Inside there is a cable with some foam around it. Pull the cable and the door should pop open.

How do you replace the hood release cable on a 1999 Honda Civic?

The hood release cable snakes into the cabin of the car through the firewall. To replace the cable remove the old wire. Zip tie the new cable to the old one and pull it out. This will easily snake the new cable into place. Install the new cable on the release and lever.

How do you reset the computer on a 1998 Volkswagen Beetle?

disconnect the positive battery cable and leave it off for about 10 mins before reconnecting it, and that should clear things like engine lights

How do you adjust the hood release cable on a 1996 GMC Sierra?

you have to replace it

How do you replace hood release cable on 69 Corvette-hood is closed?

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Porsche engine in VW Beetle?

Porsche and Volkswagen have always been similar in design. Porsche engines will not fit into a beetle very easily. Just four bolts, three wires, one fuel line and one cable (only old Porsche 356 motor) .

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