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You have to drill the rivets on the motor separating it from the regulator. The new motor then mounts to the regulator and you insert the new bolts where the riverts were.

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Q: How do you replace just a window regulator not the motor?
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How does the window mechanism works to get the window up and down It has power but something seams to be either broken or disconnected Could it be the cable?

Check the clip fron the window to the regulator. These will break off and you will hear the motor working but the window will not go up or down. You can replace your regulator and motor as one unit for little cost, if broken. You might get away with just replacing the clip to your window/regulator.

How do you Replace window regulator and motor 1994 mark VIII?

its easy just take off the door panel, disconnect the wiring harness and take the screws out of the mount for the window motor and it comes rite out

When the windows on a 97 passport don't work is it always the regulator?

It is not always the regulator. It could be a motor for the window, a bad switch, or bad wire, or even just a blown fuse. If you can hear a clicking noise in the door then its not the fuse or switch but mostly the motor. Most of the time now you get a motor with the regulator when you replace them.

How do you replace a 1998 Honda civic power window motor?

don't just replace the window motor replace the whole car. get a hybrid or something

How do you replace front right window motor on ford Expedition?

All you do is take off the door panel remove foam (plastic, rubber) weather guard & disconnect the wires for locks and window... remove speaker. There will be bolts (usually gold) . There are clamps holding the window to the regulator / motor loosen then pull window out through the top of door. When window is free just shimmy the regulator / motor out of the door on the bottom left side (there should be a decent hole to get it through...) once out put new regulator / motor in and place window in new clamps on regulator / motor tighten bolt back together and put panel back on....

How do replace the window regulator on a 1999 Honda Accord. The cable has pooped and you have been told that you need to replace the entire regulator. The window is stuck down.?

I found having a repair manual specifically for your make/model/year a great start. I'm in the same boat and this is what I have found out and will be doing next weekend. First, I had the a screw placed in the regulator to keep the window up until I am able to replace the window regulator. The regulator comes complete with the motor, so what I will do is remove the current regulator have a friend holding up the window has I am doing this so I wont have to remove the window (to skip a step), then just attach the new regulator in the same place as the original.

How do you get the power window up when it just clicks 1991 ford aerostar?

take the door panel off and unbolt the regulator and jam the window until you can replace the regulator

What needs to be done to replace a driver side front window motor on a 1999 Ford Contour?

I have a 1999 ford contour and just replaced the front driver window regulator and motor the other day. You need to take off the inner panel of the door by unscrewing all areas. You will probably have to unscrew the 4 bolts to the window regulator (which is the cable that moves the window up/down when you run the window motor. The motor is connect to this). There are 3 screw to the wind motor connect to the door frame to be unscrewed (middle right side of doorfram by speaker). The motor just unscrews from the regulator and screw the new one in. Go to a salvage yard for the part (I paid $10 at a U-Pull-It salvage yard for the regulator and motor vs $118 at Auto Zone).

Where does the up lift cable on power window motor go top of guide bar how do you get it up there.?

If the cable is off the pulley, the window regulator is toast. You may be able to get it back on, buy you're wasting your time. It will just come off again. Replace the entire regulator

How do you replace the window motor on a 1994 Isuzu Trooper?

Unfortunately you can't just change the motor. You have to buy and replace the whole assembly including the window. Its a rip-off but the motor, ratchet, arms and window comes as one replacement assembly.

2002 Lincoln LS v6 What is the small black plastic box on the top back side of the motor called It contains a printed circuit inside under some jell material The cover is missing for it?

i wouldn't worry about it its just some type of weather proof jell but if your window regulator is broken its cheaper just to replace the whole regulator instead of screwing with the motor when you replace the regulator it actually comes with a new motor just go on Ebay i replaced all of mine in my ls there about 60 bucks

If the cable for the power windows on a 2001 Impala is broken but the motor is fine do you need to replace the whole motor?

it depends on what dealership you go to. some say yes others say no. you dont have to change the motor, you just have to find a way to get such the regulator and or cable. No, the power window module is not servicable; you have to replace the whole thing.

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