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Get a big hammer and beat the lower ball joint out from the top of the lower control arm then look at the new ball joint make sure they match before you press them in.


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You can't service the lower ball joints by themselves. You must replace the entire lower control arm.

To replace ball joints on a 2004 2WD Ranger, lift the upper control arm of the spindle assembly and remove the nut holding the lower ball joint in place. Then lower the lower control arm to relieve the ball joints. Replace with new.Ê

To replace lower front ball joints in a 1996 Jimmy, raise the front of the car. Grease both ball joints and install the spindle. Next, place the spindle over the ball joints.

how to replace lower ball joints on 1995 4 wheel drive Nissan truck

You can replace just the ball joints on the lower control arms , but the upper ball joints come with a new control arm

If you need to replace the lower ball joints, check your owners manual for instructions. The manual should show you the location and how to complete the repair.

The lower ball joints have to be pressed out. The upper ball joints are part of the control arm, so the complete upper assembly has to be replaced.

first you take it in then pay them to do them for you!!!!!!!!!!

The long scissor jack crank supplied with the vehicle is the tool for lowering the spare. Insert it into the hole in the back of the truck below the tailgate and locate it into the hoist socket. I think it's anticlockwise to lower.


how do u replace the lower ball joint on a 1997 ford mustang

For help with this issue visit our enthusiasts forum at

In the Standard Beetle the ball joints are pressed into the trailing arms. You need a special press tool to replace these. In the Super Beetle the ball joint is part of the lower control arm, you replace the arm when the ball joint is worn out.

To replace the lower control arms on a 1994 Acura Integra safely raise and stabilize the car. Remove the lower ball joints and two bolts that hold the lower control arms to the car. Pull them off. Replace with a new unit.

There are no upper ball joints - that role is played by the McPherson struts. See "Related Questions" below for more

You need to have a "Ball joint press".

You must replace the entire control arm assembly with the ball joint included.

Rather than replacing just the ball joints, replace the whole arm as replacing just the ball will more than likely not work. Use ball joint remover tools to remove and replace.

You can not just change the ball joint , you have to replace the whole lower control arm with ball joint.

Hi! It can be a little bit different at each type of car but here is a guide for a mazda mx3 which can be a good starting point:

you will probably need a ball joint press and a splitter

more than likely 400$. just do it yourself.

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