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The EGR valve is normally connected to the exhaust manifold. The EGR valve works by routing a small amount of the exhaust gases back into the combustion chamber. This helps reduce emissions of noxious gases to the atmosphere.

You could try removing the EGR and then try to clean it inside with a rubber-friendly cleaner that is strong enough to break down carbon build up. Ask a car parts and accessories store for advice about the right type of stuff to use.

Just an added note. I had a 1993 Honda Accord that was running very rough from 800 to 2500 RPM's. Almost like it was misfiring. The technician said the EGR valve was very dirty with evidence of carbon build-up. The problem continued after the EGR was cleaned and I had to clean out the 6 EGR ports. They had port access caps that had to be drilled out (on a Honda accord). The symptoms and repair were from the manufacturer's service bulletin. They are coat hanger size ports and were very clogged and the car runs great since cleaning the ports. I believe most cars have EGR ports tied to the EGR system. They tie the exhaust to intake airflow manifold for recirculation.

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Q: How do you replace or clean an EGR valve?
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