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How do you replace or repair a fuel sending unit in a 1995 Dodge Neon?

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2006-07-11 03:34:10
2006-07-11 03:34:10

First, you will need to unhook the battery. Locate your gas tank in the rear on the passenger side of the gas tank there will be a shield with 2 or 3 bolts holding it in place. Remove the shield and unhook everything from the fuel pump, fuel sending unit housing. Place a jack under the gas tank to hold it up and take the bolts out of the straps holding the gas tank. Then, drop the gas tank down and where you have unhooked everything from the fuel sending unit there will be a metal ring around it with notches on it. Take a flathead screwdriver,and a hammer to tap the ring around until it goes into the grooves on the other ring and pops out. Once you have done this the fuel pump/sending unit will be loosened and able to come out but has to come out at an angle. Install in reverse order. make sure the rubber seal is in place. good luck.

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