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Problems with the O2 sensor are individually identified by the trucks on-board computer. When there is a check engine light it indicates a code on the system that can be read by a scan gauge. (The code for a passenger side pre-converter sensor is PO 155 and the driver side is PO 135)The gauges are available at many retail outlets and cost around $75.00. If you choose not to purchase a gauge, Auto Zone or Advanced Auto Parts provide the service of reading and clearing the codes for free. They also have the sensors and wrenches. The pre-converter sensors on this Toyota are located just to the rear of the manifold on the top near the exhaust pipe attachment and are accessed from under the vehicle. They are difficult to see and reach requiring a special wrench to remove them. The after converter sensors are just to the rear of the catalytic converter on the exhaust pipe and are fairly accessible. Wrenches are available on-line and at some local auto parts stores. It is suggested that you take some time to spray Liquid Wrench or WD-40 in the sensor base and let it penetrate for an hour or two before attempting removal. (If you are not careful you can damage the manifold which will then require extensive repair costs to replace) Remove the old sensor using the special sensor wrench ( it has a slot to accommodate the wires) being very careful to protect your eyes from falling debris. Insert the new sensor, it is a good idea to apply a little anti seize compound to the threads to help with removal in the future,( Bosch has a bit of anti seize already on their sensors) and tighten it down well. Reconnect the wiring harness. Typically your check engine light is on after you are done replacing the sensor, you can have it cleared using the above mentioned diagnostic tool service from Auto Zone or Advanced Auto Parts. You can also disconnect the battery of your vehicle for a few minutes, which will reset the on-board computer

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Q: How do you replace oxygen sensor on 2001 Toyota Tundra?
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