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How do you replace rear brake light on Tiburon?


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Simply open your trunk and there should be a panel on each side (left and right) that is inline with the brake light on the outside of the car. There should be 1 or 2 screws holding this panel in place. Unscrew the panel completely (so as not to bend it when trying to replace the bulb if you left it in place) and take it off. Then simply unplug the burnt out bulb and replace with the recommended brake bulb (can get at any auto parts store or even walmart) and cover back up, making sure the screws are in place again. It's a lot easier than replacing the headlights. :0) Hope this helps.

If you have an 03 or newer that doesn't work. The third brake light is a long LED light in the spoiler. I can't figure out how to remove it yet but I will and I'll be back.


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Your brake light is probably brake fluid low or emergency brake on. Rear brake lights are replaced by removing the lens and replacing the dual filament bulb.

Just unscrew the rear brake light, turn out the socket, and replace the bulb.

Remove the light assy and screw it in from the rear.

i have a Frontera sport 2000 and not sure how to change brake light bulb

They go in from the rear. remove the light assy.

The center brake light bulbs can be replaced by lifting up on the rear light assembly and pulling towards the front of the car. www.lextechautomotivellc.com

To replace the rear corner lights on a 1998 Acura CL open the trunk. Find the brake light housing and disconnect the bulb. Install the new bulb.

The light assy has to be removed to take the bulbs out.

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Go to Macho shouldn't they have one

is it in the rear spoiler? Thru the trunk, light socket is right below rear window

Open the rear door and carefully pull off the centre trim at the top of the door behind the centre brake light. you can then remove the bulb and replace in minutes

In the top of the trunk near where the brake light is located, there is a small plastic window, remove it and you access the light bulb.

Get in the back seat and grab the rear brake lite and pull the cover toward you. Bulbs are then remove able.

On a 1989 Acura Integra hatch back the brake lights are reached through the hatch itself. The brake lights housing are on the rear of the vehicle. Unplug the bulbs and replace them.

Remove your 1998 Honda rear window brake light cover. Push the light bald in and turn at the same time. The light bulb will come out. Reverse the process to install the new light bulb.

you have to replace the parking light bold because is the same as the brake light so just replace the light bold I think is the middle one between turning light and backing light. you have to replace the parking light bold because is the same as the brake light so just replace the light bold I think is the middle one between turning light and backing light.

If you can't get to the back of the light through the trunk, you have to remove the light to change the bulb from the rear.

To replace the rear brake lights on a Nissan Primera first open the trunk lid. Locate the tail lights and find the plastic cover which hide the bulbs. Remove the cover and then the bulb. Replace with a new bulb.

In order to replace the light, you need to open the trunk and pull back the panels to reveal the plastic wing nuts. Then, loosen the wing nuts and take out the whole lens. Then, replace the light bulb.

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