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If you are just replacing the broken glass on the Chevy Astro van it is simple. Well, you first must breakdown the mirror from the plate called a frame. One simple way to do this is to get a flat strong instrument like a wide screw driver or scraper. Now to loosen the adhesive from the plate you must apply some heat. Ideally a propane torch is good, but if you have the wife's hairdryer or a heat gun that will also work. Heat up the mirror enough so you can get the screwdriver or the scraper under the mirror and pull all the broken pieces off. Make sure you are wearing gloves and protective eyewear, and after the side view mirror glass is removed, make sure all the mirror and adhesive is clean off the framed plate.

Now you need to get a glass only product. I have purchased them at this website

Once you have removed your side view mirror from the frame, you now need to , apply a non latex based silicone glue to the black frame. Apply the glue outward so it extends past the lip of the frame. I call this the snow cone effect. Glue it in 5 spots. One in the middle and 4 in the middle corners. Don't get too close to the frames edge, as it will ooze out of the frame, making a mess. So use small dabs of the adhesive 3/8" inch wide by 1/2" outwards. Once you have adhered the mirror to the plate, get some easily removable tape, like masking tape, and tape the mirror around the mirror housing so that the mirror will not slide off the frame. This will also allow you to drive without the mirror falling out. Keep the tape on for 24 hours for cold climates and 5 hours in warm until the glue dries. Then remove the tape and your are done. This project is easy, and can be performed on many cars, trucks, and vans, not just the Chevy Astro

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Q: How do you replace sideview mirror on 1992 Chevy astro van?
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