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How do you replace tail light on 2002 Isuzu Trooper?

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i have a 1998 trooper and i had to get a robe #2 screw driver and take off the outer housing of the socket and replace bulb and replace outer housing, be sure you put on gasketcorrectly or water will get into it.

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Can you replace a 1998 Isuzu Trooper computer with one from a 2002 Trooper?

Depends if you can neuter the trooper computer router hooter from a cuter commuter, Super!

On 2002 Isuzu Trooper where is the oil filter?

on the engine

What car does a Fram CA7417 air filter fit?

According to rockauto: HONDA PASSPORT EX (1994 - 2002) HONDA PASSPORT LX (1994 - 2002) ISUZU AMIGO (1998 - 2000) ISUZU AXIOM (2002 - 2004) ISUZU RODEO (1993 - 2004) ISUZU RODEO SPORT (2001 - 2003) ISUZU TROOPER (1998 - 2002) ISUZU TROOPER LS (1992 - 1997) ISUZU TROOPER LTD 1997 ISUZU TROOPER RS (1993 - 1995) ISUZU TROOPER S (1992 - 1997) ISUZU TROOPER SE 1996 ISUZU VEHICROSS (1999 - 2001) TOYOTA T100 (1993 - 1998) TOYOTA T100 DLX 1995 TOYOTA T100 DLX EXC 1995 TOYOTA T100 ONE-TON 1993 TOYOTA T100 ONE-TON DLX 1995 TOYOTA T100 SR5 (1993 - 1997)

Where is the fuel pressure regulator located on a 2002 Isuzu trooper?

need a picture of a 2002 Isuzu engine. Need to know where the fuel pressure regulator is located.

How do you replace the serpentine belt on a 2002 Isuzu axiom?

How do you put on a serpentine belt on a 2002 Isuzu axiom

How much weight can a Isuzu trooper pull?

Maximum towing capacity for a 2002 Isuzu Trooper when adequately equipped, which may require engine and/or other drivetrain upgrades, is 5000 US lbs.

What is the last year Isuzu Troopers were made?


What wiper motor can be used as replacement for a 1982 Isuzu trooper 2 liter petrol?

I don't think they made 1982 Trooper. It probably is 1992. If so, you can use 1992 to 2002 Trooper or 1996 to 1999 Acura SLX wiper motor

What oil do you put in an 2002 izuzu tropper?

The recommended oil weight for a 2002 Isuzu Trooper Limited is API-SAE 5W30. Which is your standard 5W30, not synthetic or anything special.

How do you know if the transmission fluid is low on a 2002 Isuzu Trooper or if the transmission is going out When starting off the vehicle is jumping?

when accelerating, if the transmission seems to "jump" or "slip" and is fine after that, it's probably low on fluid. while the trooper is on and in park, pull out the transmission dipstick to read the fluid level. wherwe is the dip stick 2002 Isuzu trooper,thank you the 2002 trooper has no tranny dipstick, you need to check it from under the car. on the tranny pan are two drain plugs. one to drain, one to fill. you need to pump the fluid into the fill plug hole. this is best done at a shop that has a pump . fill it up until the fluid runs out the fill hole. quickly replace the plug. do this on a level surface.

How do you replace fog light on Acura CL 2002?

How to replace fog light bulb for acura rl 2002

Does anyone know of any problems with the 2002 Isuzu Trooper Automatic Tran. 4WD?

It is the Achilles heel of the pwr train system imho

How do you replace coolant temperature sensor 2002 Isuzu Rodeo?

En donde esta localisado el sensor de coolant en la isuzu rodeo 2002 4 cilindro

How do you replace the he ad light bulb on a 2002 Isuzu axiom?

It is really simple. You simply open your hood reach in behind the headlight lamp, and twist the bulb out and unplug from the wire. Replace with new bulb and reverse the steps.

How do you take dash apart in 2002 Isuzu axiom to change light bulb?

take out light bulb in a dash

Where is refill plug on 2002 Isuzu axiom?

i need motor of Isuzu axiom 2002

How do you replace the dome light bulb in a 2002 Chevy cavalier?

You can replace the dome light bulb in a 2002 Chevy Cavalier by first prying the dome light cover off of the light. Then, remove the bulb and replace it by twisting the bulb from the socket.

How do you replace the ambient light sensor on a 2000 silverado?

how do you replace ambient light sensor on 2002 silverado

How do you check the transmission fluid level on a 2002 Isuzu Axiom?

You don't, it's a sealed system and you must rely on the warning light I just had to replace my tranny that isn't correct. you check it from the bottom by starting it on a lift, and topping it off through the fill plug, which is located near the drain plug but higher up. This transmission is also used in GM cars , trooper and rodeo.

What size tires for a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo?

P245/60R18 are the size tires needed for a 2002 Isuzu Rodeo. Michelin and Goodyear are great tires for the 2002 Isuzu Rodeo.

How do you replace the stopbrake light bulb on a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee? . they show how to replace every light and with what bulb

How do you replace brake light bulb on 2002 Nissan Frontier crew cab?

how can i replace a brakelight bulb on a 2002 nissan frontier?

Where is the oxygen sensor loacated on 2002 Isuzu rodeo?

Under the car by the drivers seat that's the first thing i had to replace on mine

How do you replace the odometer light on a 2002 Mercedes ML 320?

I need to replace the odometer light on 1998 Mercedes ML 320.

How do you Replace the license plate light on a 2002 Volkswagen beetle?

The license plate light and connected right above the plate on a 2002 Volkswagen Beetle. To replace it just unscrew the old light and mount the new bulb.