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This is how I did it. Its only an idea and if you not comfortable doing this HAVE IT DONE at a repitable shop.

I just changed my AC clutch in my 97 Ford Contour. I have a 4 cyl. DOHC 16 valve engine. You need to raise the car on the passenger Sid, support it with a jack stand, remove the tire and the Splash cover. I also removed the splash cover in the front of the car and the inner fender cover to be able to get to the ac clutch a little easier.

You Need Snap ring Pliers, and a couple of screw drivers or pry bars.

You will need to remove the Belt to the Power Steering and AC, 1- belt on the 4 cyl model.

It wasn't to bad took me 6 hours. The AC clutch comes in 3 parts. There is an outer pick ring this drives the compressor. An inner Pully assemble with a berring in it, and the %$#@^ Magnetic clutch actuator. The Reason I said %$#@ actuator is because I should not have removed it, it was a pain in the ( | ) to beat back on, and its just an electric magnet, it was fine.

When you remove the outer Clucth pick up ring, be very very careful when you pull it off as there is a spacer (looks like a washer) in the pick up ring where the bolt goes through. YOU WILL NEEED TO MATCH THIS SPACER to the new ones you will get and you will get more then one. The spacing is very Important for releasing and engaging the AC Clutch. Once you remove the Outer AC clutch pick up bolt wiggle the piece off and FIND The SPACER if it had one(Its in the pickring center). You will Now need SNAP Ring pliers remove the snap ring holding in the Pulley assemble.

Once you get the snap ring out, Be very careful and using 2 screw drivers or short pry bars pry on the left and right side of the pully assembly from the compressor side of the unit. If you pry the very outer edges, it should slide off, (very tight fit) With out disturbing the Magnetic acuator ring. Once you get it off, you can decide weather or not you want to try and take off the Magnetic pick up ring. I MADE THE MISTAKE of removing it.

If you do decide to remove the Magentic ring, you will have to use the old pulley and beat the old berring out of the pulley to use the old pulley to install the new Magnetic pick up ring. It was a pain in the ( | ) to beat the new magnetic ring on a little at a time first left then right. Once the ring is almost seated you will need to turn the pully arounfd and use the back side against the magnetice oick up ring to get it fully seated back on the compressor.

Once the Magnetic ring is on or if you were smart enough not to remove it you need to put the New pulley assembly on and get it seated. I used 3 old Strut washers and a longer bolt to slowly tighten the new pully assembly on. This worked all the was up to 1/4 of an inch then I noticed the AC compressor was turning. So Using the OLD Outer pick up ring with No spacer in it I tightened it against the New pulley assemble Useing a screw driver to hold against the little circle thingys on the outer ring and I sent the new Pully assembly home. CHECK THEN ALIGNMENT OF THE AC PULLY WITH the CRANK SHAFT PULLY, use the belt to make sure they are inline (with in reason these ain't't racing motors)

Them I removed the old Outer ring and installed a New Snap ring to hold the pulleys in place. The Snap ring should go on no problem if it doesn't its not seated enough and this will mess up yer belts send the pully assemble on more if the snap ring does not seat.

Once done with the snap ring and pully, NOW YOU MUST MATCH THE OLD SPACER to A NEW SPACER. This is important so the AC clutch has room to engage and disengage. The new clucth came with 6 different thickness washers, I picked the one that looke like the old one to me, and it worked fine. Eye them up, you don't need a micrometer to match them, you will be able to see the difference. Once you've picked your spacer drop it in side the shaft end of the new Outer clutch ring. Using the new bolt that came with the kit put it threr the hole to hold the spacer and put the outer ring back on the ac compressor.

Put the belts back on and assemble the car and Fire it up.

, Most of my time was spent figuring out how I was going to get that $^%&%%^$%$^%^%^$^$ Magnetic ring back on the compressor in such a small space to work. I did so it is possible, its slow and steady using the old pulley assemblt with out the berring in it, and beating it with a hammer and my 12 inch (1/2 drive) extention bar. (ping ping ping... my ears are still ringing)

But when your done, you wife will kiss you full on the mouth, greese and all.

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Q: How do you replace the AC clutch on a 1996 Ford Contour?
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