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How do you replace the Brake bulb on a 1999 accord 4 door ex Thanks in advance?



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1) Unscrew the plastic trim screw and pull back the plastic/felt trim piece. Although you can touch the plastic lamp housings, I could not remove them easily. 2) Unscrew the three(3) 8mm nuts that hold the rear lens housing to the metal frame. 3) Pull the lens housing away from the car. 4) Turn the plastic lamp housing counterclockwise to remove. Note that this took a fair amount of torque on my car. Careful though, you don't want to break it. I applied some lube to the unit when replacing. 5) Remove and replace bulb. Test the other lamp functions while you are at it (back-up, turn, lights, brake). 6) Reverse the order to reassemble. (Good luck)