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How do you replace the EGR Valve on a 92 S10 Blazer?

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What engine???

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Where is the egr valve on a 91 s10 blazer 4.3 v6?

It is behind the throttle body, on the intake manifold.

Is the 1997 Chevy s-10 blazer have egr or point distributor?

The 1997 S10 Blazer has an egr (Exhaust Gas Reclaimer) valve. It also does not have a point distributor, it is electronic.

Why does your 1993 Chevy S10 Blazer begin to stall when you come to a stop and Once you turned it off it won't start back up?

Check your EGR valve Check EGR valve

1997 S10 Blazer 4.3L ruff idle after tuneup?

Clean EGR valve, maybe stuck open with carbon

How do you replace dome light on s10 Chevy blazer?

how do you replace dome light in s10 chey blazer?

1999 s10 blazer slugGish?

Plugged fuel/air filter? Plugged catalytic converter? Engine timing? Check EGR Valve

How do you locate a egr valve for a s10?

If you want to locate a new egr valve, check with your local auto parts store. If you want to know where the egr valve is located on your vehicle, post the year and engine size of your S10.

Where is the egr valve located on a 2002 Chevy s10 4.3?

There is no EGR valve on the 2002 4.3L (code W)

Where can you find the egr valve on a 2003 Chevy s10 vortec v6?

2003 4.3's do not have an egr valve.

Where is the EGR valve on 89 s10?

The Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve on a 1989 S10 is located in the valve cover. It is toward the front of the motor.

Where is the EGR valve on 1995 s10?

It depends if it is a 4.3 or the 2.2 engine but, in general the EGR valve is located on the intake manifold.

What is a IAC valve on a 97 s10 blazer?

Idle Air Control Valve

How do you replace oil dipstick tube on blazer s10?

replacement of the transmission dipstick tub seal on a 1994 s10 blazer

How do you replace a tbi unit on a 2002 s10 blazer?

A 2002 S10 Blazer doesn't have throttle body injection (tbi).

Where is the EGR Valve located on a 1993 Chevy S10 Blazer 4.3L Vortec VIN W?

The EGR valve is located under the air intake on the intake manifold, you must remove the intake hose to access it thare are two bolts oposit each other, it's not that bad to remove.

How do you do a valve adjustment on a 95 s10 blazer?

No adjustment required. If you have a noisy valve train, parts are worn.

Where is the exhaust gas recirculation valve EGR located on a 97 s10 Chevy blazer 43L AC v6?

It should be on the front of the intake manifold directly above and behind the water pump.

Will the purge valve on a 1995 S10 Blazer make the car die if it is bad?


How do you remove and replace the AC expansion valve on a 1996 S10 6-cylinder Chevy Blazer?

Remove the bottom hose from the evaporater at the firewall, pull out the expansion valve, i highly recommend flushing out the system to remove excess sludge. Replace the valve and the hose.

What is the valve on the top front of the fuel tank of a 1995 S10 Blazer?

That would be the fuel tank vent valve. Be Careful! To replace this little gem will cost you between $25.00 & $30.00. I know this because I broke the neck off the one in my Blazer and had to replace it the other day when I replaced the fuel pump!

1994 Chevy S10 Blazer that runs perfect and after a while will die Usually after a couple of hours it restarts and runs for days before dying again Any guesses?

egr valve clogged or not working

Where is the fuel safety valve on a 94 Chevy Blazer S10 4.3l 4x4?

There is none.

Modulator valve s10 blazer?

Need to know what your question is, Please try again.

Where is egr valve on 2001 Chevy s-10 4 cylinder?

The EGR valve for that 01 S10 2.2 L engine would be found on the top rear of the engine.

Where is the horn valve located for 1993 Chevy blazer s10 4wd?

Horn valve? Please give more info.