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EGR values usually don't fail. Usually it is a wire broke or disconnected. This is what I have found. Some of the high school mechanics that work at professional garages tend to forget to hook these back up after doing something else to your car. A good mechanic (at aLincoln dealership) told me that if you have to replace the EGR valve, you probably have a much larger problem with the car (like the engine).

If you still need to replace this valve, I recommend going to an auto parts store, buy the valve. This way you know what you are looking for. On my 97 Lincoln, it was a couple of bolts and a wire or two. It was also located on the very top of the motor which was fairly convenient to work on. Keep ,your receipt so if you want to return it.

What I found, was my the doofus Ford mechanic forgot to plug it back on. I plugged it back on and my car ran great, so I returned the EGR valve.


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Q: How do you replace the EGR valve on a '92 Lincoln Town Car Signature Series with 4.6L engine?
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