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How do you replace the MAP sensor on a 1997 Chevy Cavalier?


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2010-09-24 16:34:27
2010-09-24 16:34:27

the map sensor on a 2.2 cavalier motor is located directly on the top backside of the motor it is a rectangelar black box usually with a green wire connector it is connected to the upper intake manifold with 2-8mm bolts take out the bolts unclip the wire connector and unplug the map sensor, however on the 2.2 engines after 1997 the upper intake manifold is done away with, and the throttle body now attaches directly to the lower intake manifold(I just changed my int. man. gasket last week) and the MAP sensor is located toward the front of the manifold beneath the fuel rail


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The O2 sensor can be found on the exhaust manifold or just after and behind the catalitic convertor

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Remove the dppr panel and there are screws on the inside.

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