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you have the wrong parts, go to the dealer and get the correct ones.

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Will cats have a shorter life if their whiskers are pulled out?

No, but you want a cat to retain its whiskers as they are their feelers, tactile sensors.

Can you replace auto tranny from 1990 190E 2.6 with tranny from 1990 300E Linkage kickdown other issues?

The gear boxes are not the same size so you will have an issue with the propeller shaft. All other items can be uesd, the kick-down switch, sensors etc. You will have to replace the propeller drive shaft with a shorter one.

Can you replace P205 65 R15 with P195 60 R15 tires?

They would be shorter and that would affect speedometer accuracy.They would be shorter and that would affect speedometer accuracy.

Can you replace a P245 75 R16 with P245 60 R16 on a 1995 Dodge ram 1500?

You could, but the "60" profile tires are shorter.You could, but the "60" profile tires are shorter.

How do you make your stirrups on the saddle shorter when they are already at the shortest they can be?

Cut them up and sew them shorter. Answer 2: If you need shorter stirrup leathers than you already have I would suggest going to buy a new pair of shorter leathers or having a saddler professionally shorten the long ones for you. If you have had the leathers for a while they may have stretched out and that is why they are so long, when this happens it is best to replace them with new leathers.

Can you replace 245 75 16 tires with 225 65 16 tires?

Doubtful, the 225/65 tires are narrower and shorter.

Are days shorter in winter?

Yes, the days in the wintertime are shorter and shorter.

Do the days get shorter or longer in winter?

In winter, the days get shorter.

When do you replace your laptop battery?

It's hard to say the exact time, maybe after one year or two, if you found your laptop battery lasts shorter(less than 30 minutes), then I recommend you to replace a new battery.

What is the New Holland Oil Filter 87415600 cross reference for fram filter?

There is no Fram replacement. A WIX 51348 or a NAPA 1348 are direct replacements. If you would like a shorter filter with extra clearance if you have a loader, then a WIX 51056 or a NAPA 1056 will also work.

What word would replace the word Micheal?

Mícheál is the Irish version of the name Michael. Mick and Mike are sometimes used as shorter versions of the name.

How do you clean air ducts on ml320?

Don't replace filters any sooner than recomended. The filters perform their worst when new and improve over time and mileage. Early filter replacements has been shown to increase fine particle accumulation on the MAF sensors leading to early failure from overheating of the microscopic heating elements and temperature sensors on the internal sensor plate. There is no issue with cleaning out bugs and such but you should always avoid needless maintenance when not called for especially when you are not familar with how those systems are controlled or monitored for condition. When you understand how the car monitors those systems and how they function you will be more inclinded to run them longer rather than on shorter intervals (never to exceed 4 years). The color of an air filter is meaningless and the only vaild check is actual restriction measured post filter at the MAF sensor. Maximum differential monitored by the computer to you can relax that the engine will never operate with any measurable amount of restriction.

Is it the shorter the frequency the shorter the wavelenth?

No. The higher the frequency the shorter the wavelength, v=fw.

How can I bypass air conditioning compressor pulley on a 1995 Honda civic with a shorter belt?

remove compressor put a bypass pulley in its place replace belt

Which is shorter than a meter?

A micrometre is shorter.

Where are the oxygen sensors located in a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire?

I am not sure exactly where the oxygen sensor(s) would be located, but the location that is generally chosen is upstream of the catalytic converter and close enough to the firewall for shorter wires to be routed from the wiring harness.

Is joke a pronoun?

No. A pronoun replaces a noun in a sentence and gives it a shorter name. So, joke isn't a pronoun, but if you refernce it in a sentence, you can replace the word joke with a pronoun, it.

Which is shorter dwarfs or midgets?

none hobits are shorter!

Which is shorter nanosecond to microsecond?

A nanosecond is shorter than a microsecond. There are one thousand nanoseconds in a microsecond.

What is shorter a nanosecond or millisecond?

A nanosecond is shorter than a millisecond. There are one million nanoseconds in a millisecond.

How do you use the word shorter in a sentence?

'Shorter', as an adjective and adverb, can be used in multiple ways: "I am shorter than you. " "Lisa was shorter than Harold: He was 6 feet tall while she was only five foot six." "The candle burned shorter."

What is a shorter version of a opera?

Which of these is a shorter version of an opera or oratorio?

When did Stuart Shorter die?

Stuart Shorter died in 2002.

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