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you don't say what year your Golf is but most are just a simple case of removing the front facia , usually held in with a couple of screws,on later golfs you have to remove the stereo. Unscrew the speedo dials and reach around and unclip the power blocks and speedo cable this lets you tilt the unit forward and unclip the bulbs. new bulbs can be bought at a auto store and replaced easily. the longest part is removing the facia

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Q: How do you replace the Tach and Speedometer lights?
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Why would the speedometer tach temp and idiot lights quit on a 1994 hardbody?

Try changing the headlight switch.

1994 Camry speedometer and tach not working?


Speedometer tach repair on 2004 trailblazer?

The speedometer doesn't work. It doesn't respond to the speed we are going.

Is there supposed to be a light between the tach and the speedometer?

It depends on the year and options. Which year model are you asking about? On the 1996-2000 cluster, there's a light between the tach and speedometer for the cruise control (if equipped).

Why does your tach work but not your speedometer on a 92 Jeep Wrangler?

Tach is driven by a motor signal, speedo is from the trans the sensor is bad on the transmission

How do you replace the dashboard lights on a 1996 Ford Thunderbird?

you have to pull the entire speedometer cluster on the back of it you will see little lights turn them until they come out and replace them with new ones

Where does the blue wire connect from a sportster speedometer?

Blue wire is for a tach I believe

What can be done to get the dash light working on a 2000 Chevy Prizm?

For lights behind the speedometer/tach warning light area, you have to take the screws out of the panel and then guide it out enough that you can twist it sideways and pull out the burned out bulbs. Replace with bulbs #194 and I would use the Long Life version of the bulbs.

Tach on a 66 beetle?

There isn't one, you shift by "feel" or by the red tick marks on your speedometer ,|,&.

Mazda b2500 tach works speedometer does not?

The Mazda tachometer and the speedometer have separate cables. The tachometer cable probably does not work properly. Change the tachometer cable.

Why are dash lights dim around fuel gauge but bright around speedometer on your 2003 Ford Taurus?

you need to replace dash illumination bulbs only problem the speedometer cluster has to be removed

How to Replace speedometer cable 1989 Toyota truck?

Speedometer cable replace 1989 toyota

How do you replace a speedometer cable in a 92 crown Victoria?

How to replace a speedometer cable in a crown vic

How do you repair the speedometer for a 1987 Chevy Caprice classic?

There are several things you can do to repair your speedometer. You can replace the speedometer cable. You can replace the speed sensor in the transmission.

How do you replace a speedometer on a 1984 Yamaha virago 1000?

How do you replace a speedometer cable on a 1984 Yamaha virago xv1000

How do you replace the bulbs to dashboard lights for tach and speedometer in a 1995 Lexus GS300 They are normally red bars?

If you only need bulbs then your solution is easy, however if the needles themselves no longer illuminate, then there is no bulb to replace since the needles are the bulbs. Your local Lexus dealer will be happy to assist you in this matter, there is one catch...they will only sell you the entire instrument panel. The last quote I got was around $300.00.

If the speedometer stop working on an Toyota a 91 corolla what part needs to be replace?

You may need to replace the speedometer fuse. The speedometer cable can cause your speedometer to stop working. The speed sensor can also cause the speedometer to stop working.

Will the instrument cluster from a Prizm with a tach work in one that doesn't have a tach My speedometer quit working and I found a salvage one that has a tach Plug ins look identical?

For any of you who may have been watching this question, I'll give you the answer myself. The answer is YES. After purchasing the one with the factory tach and installing it, everything works like it should.

What could cause the speedometer and tachometer to fail on an 1984 Fiero SE and how would you fix it?

I'm not sure about the speedometer, but if the tach is not working a good bet would be the tach filter. With age, a wire often breaks off on these. Look in one of the service manuals to find location. The speedometer may have a similar sensor, but I'm not certain. Thanks! I will check out the book ASAP. Appreciate your answering.

How do you replace instrument panel lights on a 2001 Olds Aurora?

I had this problem, the lights around the tach were out. Are you ready for this? You have to replace the entire dash assembly! Mine was done by the dealer I bought my used 2001 Aurora from, Chattanooga Saturn. It would have been several hundred dollars. I am grateful to Saturn of Chattanooga! Andre'

What is wrong with a 95 Chevy truck when speedometer and tach doesn't work and transmission wont shift?

Check for a blown fuse.

1996 Grand AM GT Tach and speedometer do not work fuel level gauge temp gauge not working all warning lights are on There are no fuses blown battery charged Runs ok?

I replaced the gage cluster and everything went back to normal.

How do you replace a 240 speedometer?

Remove the dashboard cover. Remove the retaining ring, from the speedometer. Remove the speedometer cable from the back of the speedometer. Reverse the process to install the new speedometer.

The spring right in front of the needle on your speedometer is unwound how do you fix it?

Send to a speedometer repair shop or replace speedometer head

Why did the speedometer odometer and tach quit working on a 1995 Silverado if replacing the speed sensor made no difference?

check the fuse panel