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I have a 95 Continental and it should be the same. On the driver side of engine is a round plastic cylinder shaped housing with snap clips on it. Pop it open and remove the cylinder shaped filter & install the new one and relock the clips very simple to do. that car also has a filter to filter the air entering the interior of the car through your heater - Ac system. It is located on the passenger side of car up by the windshield,( should have sticker identifing location ) it can be replaced by opening the hood and removing 2 screws , removing plastic cover and lift out filter. If you have a problem just E mail Me & i will try to help Good luck Gary

also, they have a K&N lifetime filter for about $40 that i have installed that saves me from buying air filters in the future. you just clean then K&N when it gets dirty. Steve

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โˆ™ 2011-09-12 20:52:55
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Q: How do you replace the air filter in a 2000 Lincoln Continental?
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