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How do you replace the alternator in a 1996 4clndr ranger?

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July 03, 2005 4:21AM

It's not that bad.First and foremost disconect the battery. Remove the belt. Remove the mounting bolts, I think there are two on mine. slide the alt out of the sleeve on one side of the mounts, turn it face down and disconect the wires in the small plug, remove the B+ wire. Some are equipped with a side connector on the side, this is an A.I.R. connection if you have this you will need to replace the plug as well. The part stores are real familar with them so just check before you start. Also pick up a cheap manual if you are going to keep it. Right now I wish i did so i wouldn't have to be serching web sites. But it is not bad. The reason to be sure about the connector is they tend to short if not replaced and it could be a fire hazard.